Katie Maloney-Schwartz Shows Off New Look

Katie Maloney-Schwartz

Getty Katie Maloney-Schwartz in 2019

It may not be about the pasta, but it’s certainly about the hair.

In a new Instagram post, Vanderpump Rules star Katie Maloney-Schwartz revealed her brand new look. Maloney-Schwartz unveiled her new hairstyle on February 11 in an Instagram story, where she sported a trendy, shoulder-length hairstyle. In the photo, her hair was styled with beachy waves and a side part. And, to finish off the look, Maloney-Schwartz wore a black leather jacket.

For the past few years, Maloney-Schwartz has sported super-long hair while starring on Vanderpump Rules. However, in the earlier seasons of the show, she actually rocked a similar length haircut to the one she just showed off on her Instagram page.

Katie Maloney-Schwartz Has Previously Revealed Her Tips for Healthy Hair

While on Vanderpump Rules, Maloney-Schwartz has always sported healthy-looking locks. And, being a beauty junkie herself, she shared one of her favorite hair products with Life & Style Magazine in December 2019…and it might not be what you’re expecting.

“Apple Cider Vinegar … for my hair,” Maloney-Schwartz revealed to the publication. “Every other week, I use it in place of my shampoo. I douse my scalp and then work through to ends. Then, rinse and follow with conditioner. That is my trick for shiny healthy hair. It’s not a new thing but not enough people know about it. Plus, it’s so inexpensive.”

Katie Maloney-Schwartz Recently Underwent Another Transformation

A new haircut is not the only new look that Maloney-Schwartz has been sporting lately. In April 2020, Maloney-Schwartz revealed that she had recently lost 20 pounds, which she showed off at the Season 8 reunion for Vanderpump Rules. While on the show, Maloney-Schwartz has dealt with a fair share of body-shaming and revealed on an Instagram story that after a series of unsuccessful diets, she consulted a doctor.

“I thought it was a thyroid thing, so I was going to the doctor and getting blood work done,” Maloney-Schwartz said on Instagram at the time, as noted by People. “I think it’s really important to also check up on your health because even though it wasn’t a thyroid thing, I did discover that my glucose levels were pretty high, and that could’ve led to some maybe pre-diabetic problems.”

Maloney-Schwartz continued, “Now I just have a great understanding on nutrition and what kinds of food I should and shouldn’t be eating.”

However, despite the recent weight loss, Maloney-Schwartz still continues to be an advocate for body positivity. “The media for a long time has been pushing the notion that there is only one
‘ideal’ body or a standard that we all should strive for,” Maloney-Schwartz told BravoTV in 2018.  “Now I’m not offended that models are typically very thin, but whenever there’s a plus size model (which I really despise that ‘plus size’ is ever mentioned), that she is labeled as ‘brave’ or ‘different.’ In the real world reality she isn’t different. She represents a broader demographic, in fact. And any time ANYONE models or puts themselves out there, I think they are brave. Not just because they are or aren’t a size 2.”

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