James Kennedy Confirmed Katie Maloney & Tom Schwartz’s Split: Source

Katie Maloney, Tom Schwartz, James Kennedy.

Getty Images James Kennedy may have spilled the beans about Tom Schwartz's marriage.

Rumors that Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz have decided to end their marriage have been circulating for a couple of weeks now, and without any confirmation or denial from the “Vanderpump Rules” stars, the internet chatter keeps growing.

Aside from the fact that Maloney and Schwartz haven’t posted together since the beginning of February 2022, Maloney has posted a couple of cryptic things on her Instagram Stories. Beyond that, she shared a couple of selfies in March 2022 in which she didn’t appear to be wearing her wedding rings.

As Bravo fans wait for Maloney or Schwartz to post a statement or share any kind of news that either confirms or denies their rumored split, there may be one VPR cast member who was unable to hold his tongue on the matter.

According to an anonymous source, James Kennedy has actually confirmed that Maloney and Schwartz are over.

Here’s what you need to know:

An Instagram User Claims Kennedy Told a Friend That Maloney & Schwartz Are not Together

Someone posted in a Q&A box shared by the blocked_by_jaxx Instagram account over the weekend.

“What do you think of the Katie & Schwartz breakup rumors?” the question read.

“OK I was in Orlando when this sh** went down and missed a lot of it. If it’s true then FINALLY. He is low key the worst and is a horrible husband. I’d actually like her more if she left him,” blocked_by_jaxx responded.

Then, someone sent in a DM with some unverified tea.

“Have a friend that hung out with James in Vegas and he told her they aren’t together,” the person wrote. “And James was the opposite of sober,” the message continued.

“Stop,” the blocked_by_jaxx account responded, taking a screenshot, and sharing it with Bravo fans. It’s unclear who the person is, who the person’s friend is, or what Kennedy actually said.

Fans Seem Split on Whether or not Maloney & Schwartz Are Still Together

As the rumors about Maloney and Schwartz’s marriage continue to circulate, fans have varying opinions about what ‘s actually going on behind-the-scenes, as evidenced by a Reddit thread that was started on March 6, 2022.

“Schwartz literally posted a pic of him with Lala and Stassi last night at TomTom. Don’t think Stassi would be hanging out with him if Katie and him broke up,” one Redditor pointed out. Schwartz was indeed at TomTom for a celebrity-packed party over the weekend, and many people say that Maloney was there as well, even though she wasn’t pictured.

“This is just people (publicists) trying to get things buzzing for another season. It screams Managers trying to get their ‘talent’ re signed for the next season and with potential story lines. Sorry don’t believe any of this for a second,” another Reddit user added.

“Idk, I listened to Katie’s podcast that was after the super bowl and she talked about Tom. She said he was going back to FL a lot bc his dad is sick,” a third person wrote.

“Please let it be true! Would love to see Katie either single or with someone who doesn’t hold her back every single step of the way. She’s got a ton of potential as a human being,” a fourth comment read.

“They are probably lazily working it out but I guarantee they sleep in different beds and live like roommates,” a fifth person added.

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