Katie Maloney Posts Cryptic Message About Divorce

Katie Maloney

Getty Is Katie Maloney planning on divorce?

Katie Maloney confused fans with a late February post on her Instagram story.

The 35-year-old “Vanderpump Rules” star shared a quote from Kim Kardashian that had some fans thinking she is planning a major life change herself. The quote read:

In the last two years, I decided I’m going to make myself happy. And that feels really good. And even if that created changes and caused my divorce, I think it’s important to be honest with yourself about what really makes you happy. I’ve chosen myself. I think it’s okay to choose you.

Maloney included the text “Amen” on the image of the quote.

Fans Think Maloney Is Getting Ready to Choose Herself

Katie Maloney-Schwartz and Tom Schwartz

Getty Katie Maloney-Schwartz and Tom Schwartz pose together at an event in Hollywood, California.

In a thread posted on Reddit, fans reacted to Maloney’s repost. Some thought it was a hint that she is rethinking her marriage to Tom Schwartz, her “Vanderpump Rules” co-star whom she legally wed in 2019 after nearly a decade together.

“Omg Katie plz,” one fan wrote.

“Katie PLEASE LEAVE HIM!!” added another.

“Omg omg omggg IS SHE GONNA DO IT?!? “ another wanted to know.

“I would love to live in a world where Katie dumps Schwartz and thrives,” a fourth Redditor added. “Season 10 would be picked up immediately lol.”

“Imagine 3 of the girls recently single after years with questionable men,” another fan added, in reference to Maloney and her recently single co-stars, Lala Kent and Raquel Leviss.

“Yesssss I’d love to see Katie on her own!!” another chimed in. “She needs to stop dragging Tom’s a** to grow up and have confidence in himself. They both need to grow individually and separately imo!”

“If Katie and Schwartz are done then we are about to witness the best season of Vanderpump Rules yet,” another fan predicted.

But others pointed out that Maloney may have only been showing support and agreement for Kardashian’s situation with her ex-husband, Kanye West.

“Unless Katie openly shares any change to her marital status with the world, it’s really s**** to be saying ‘OMG KATIE LEAVE HIM OMG YOUD BE SO MUCH BETTER OFF W/O HIM OMFGGGGG,’” a commenter wrote.

Schwartz Said He ‘Didn’t Think It Was Going to Last’

GettyKatie Maloney and Tom Schwartz.

Fans have seen Maloney and Schwartz’s relationship problems play out over the past nine seasons of “Vanderpump Rules.” In the past, there were cheating rumors and drunken arguments between the two. They finally married on-camera in 2016, but Schwartz neglected to file the proper paperwork. They made things official in 2019 with a second vow exchange in Las Vegas.

In a scene that aired on the most recent season of “Vanderpump Rules,” Maloney talked about her early relationship with the future Tom Tom partner.

“Tom and I’d been together for a year, and it was not pretty,” she said in the episode. “We fought all the time.”

In a 2020 interview with Us Weekly, Schwartz said he could understand why some fans thought they would never make it as a couple.

“We’ve been through so much and I mean, arguably at so many points in our relationship, you could say, ‘They probably should’ve broken up or gone their separate ways,’” he told the outlet. “There were times early on that I definitely didn’t think it was going to last. I think we both had moments early on … but man, I’m just so happy we made it.”

Maloney added that she thinks “there’s something to be said” for the two making it to the 10-year milestone.

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