Kristen Doute Gives Fans a Major Pregnancy Plan Update

Getty Images Kristen Doute is planning on having a baby.

Former “Vanderpump Rules” star Kristen Doute has been wanting to become a mom, and now that she’s in a committed relationship, she’s thinking more and more about getting pregnant.

Doute has been dating Alex Menache for nearly two years, but the two aren’t yet engaged. Nevertheless, Doute knows that she wants to have children. In an interview on the We Met at ACME podcast Doute revealed that she got checked out because she was considering freezing her eggs.

“I’ve considered adoption. I’ve considered having children on my own,” she said on the podcast, according to Us Weekly.

Now, it sounds like Doute is moving forward with one of those plans — she’s getting ready to have a baby of her own.

Here’s what you need to know:

Doute Quit Smoking & Revealed She’s Doing Partially Because She Wants to Get Pregnant

Doute took to her Instagram Stories on January 21, 2022, to reveal that she has decided to quit smoking. “Fells a little soon to talk about this, but here I go,” she wrote. “I committed to 2/20/22 a few weeks ago [and] yesterday wasn’t so hard,” she continued, adding a “smoke free” counter.

“Today is a different beast. I’m irritable, crying, craving. I know it’ll get easier… super thankful for my friends’ support! You know who you are,” she added. She then put up a question box asking if any of her followers had advice for when quitting smoking got “easier.”

“Good for you,” one person wrote in. “Are you prepping for a baby?” the person asked.

“Yes,” Doute responded. “I 100 want to prepare my body, but also just to be healthy and prolong my life. I know I would never ever smoke once I have a child. I’m also just over it,” she continued.

In a subsequent post, Doute shared a selfie and thanked her followers who wrote in to share their experiences with her.

“I wanna thank every one of you who gave me your experience with quitting,” she wrote, adding that she would share the responses she received at a later time.

Doute Revealed That She’d ‘Love to Be Pregnant’

On January 23, 2022, Doute shared a few pictures from a friend’s wedding on Instagram. Quite a few people thought that she looked like she was sporting a baby bump, and asked Doute if she was pregnant.

Doute didn’t hold back, and responded to a few of the comments.

“Not preggo, but I did eat dinner and wasn’t concerned about my posture,” she said in response to one Instagram user.

Answering another Instagram user’s question, Doute wrote, “No… I’m not. So you’re insinuating that I’m ‘fat,’ which doesn’t feel great coming from a stranger on the internet. But I would love to be pregnant. Don’t be an a******.”

Doute has been a loving “auntie,” constantly spending time around her friends’ kids, and doting on them — but it is clear that she’s ready to start a family of her own. Doute is fairly candid on social media, and will more than likely share her pregnancy journey when she feels that the time is right.

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