Below Deck Med Stars Ripped by Fans for ‘Toxic’ Behavior

Below Deck Mediterranean

Bravo Below Deck Mediterranean

The interior crew of “Below Deck Mediterranean” season 7 started the season strong but cracks began to show between the three cast members in the last few episodes.

Viewers have seen a rift develop, with chief stew Natasha Webb and second stew Kyle Viljoen on one side and the other second stew Natalya Scudder on another side. In the past couple of episodes, Scudder opened up about how she was starting to feel as though she was doing most of the work by herself. In return, Viljoen and and Webb have called Scudder a “snitch” and a “backstabber.”

So far this season, Viljoen and Webb have been focusing on service while Scudder has made the tablescapes and focused on laundry. She has commented while starting her morning shifts that Viljoen and Webb, who were both on late nights, left the pantry very messy at the end of their shifts. The pantry was actually so messy that Captain Sandy Yawn noticed it and told Webb to work on time management skills.

The situation with the interior crew has led to many fans criticizing Viljoen and Webb for their behavior and taking Scudder’s side in the dispute.

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Viljoen Replied to a Fan’s Comment Calling Him Lazy & Said He Was ‘Backstabbed’

In response to a clip of Viljoen discussing the season posted by Below Deck Above Average, one fan wrote, “Kyle is way to thirsty, way to much , way to lazy and the winging is way to much.” Viljoen didn’t hesitate to clap back, “I try not to respond to individuals that love to deflect their hurt on me. They have ZERO idea how I was portrayed and backstabbed.” He added:

I was the only one helping both side of my interior department picking up these two woman when the felt down. I had so so much personal emotion placed on me from both ends and both their relationships.

Frank had nothing to do with that. I bearly made it to speak to my family for 5min a week. Where the f*** would I have had time to be on the phone with Frank these ridiculous hours.

Viljoen also said he tried to stay in on crew nights out because he was so tired from working with Scudder and Webb. “Natalya refused to do service, I was placed on the times I did by my chief and told what to do and when,” the South African native said. “We had ONE f****** pantry where EVERYTHING had to be done. Worst operating boat space to date. Call me lazy but I would not have made it this far in my life if I were.”

Fans Ripped Viljoen & Webb for Their Work Ethic as It Was Portrayed on the Show

Fans commented on “Below Deck” posts with their criticisms of Webb and Viljoen as well as on Twitter, including one fan who wrote, “I don’t blame Natalya AT ALL for telling Natasha how she should be doing her job. I’ve never seen a boat look so bad!” Another said, “Kyle and Natasha mad that captain Sandy SEES with her eyes that Natalya is doing more in addition to her confirming it is rich! Lol. While they’re attached to their phones and whining about men all day.”

One person said, “Natasha going to Kyle to b**** about Captain & Natalya is literally an example of her terrible mgmt. Zero understanding that she’s responsible for anything – making the work environment more toxic – & still not cleaning the f****** pantry lool this is shocking.” Another wrote, “Tash & Kyle are distracted and unmotivated. Natalya has every right to take this above Tash’s head & the fact that her & Kyle turn this around on Natalya is just par for the course of their s***ty behavior all season.”

Someone wrote, “I don’t blame Nat for venting to Sandy. If Kyle and Tash have time for chatty breaks, they have time to clean.” Another said, “Natasha & Kyle think they’re in trouble b/c of Natalya buuuut Sandy already addressed the dirty pantry days before directly with Natasha & she ignored it, just added more to it.” One person wrote, “Not only can Natasha not take constructive criticism, but she’s assuming it’s a team member’s motive to replace her. Toxic AF.”

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