Lala Kent Teases More Dirt Will Come Out About Randall Emmett in Cryptic Message

Getty Images Lala Kent teases more dirt about Randall Emmett.

Lala Kent hasn’t said too much about her split from Randall Emmett, but there have been plenty of rumors about why the two parted ways. Although the “Vanderpump Rules” star hasn’t confirmed the reason that she decided to move out of the Bel Air home that she shared with the film producer, Kent is living her life as a single woman, raising her daughter Ocean, and letting the chips fall where they may.

On November 28, 2021, the GirlGangz7733 Instagram account shared screenshots of text messages that Emmett allegedly sent to other women. Emmett allegedly had a burner Instagram account under the name “@palmbeachforbes” that he used to contact women. GirlGangz7733 also claimed that Emmett had a burner phone number that he allegedly used to text other women. The person who runs the account was able to confirm that the messages shared were from a phone number that belongs to Emmett.

In the hours before the messages were posted, Kent took to her Instagram Stories to share a cryptic message. “What’s done in the dark, always come to the light,” she wrote atop a photo of a burning fire. Following the potentially damning messages published by GirlGangz7733, Kent took to Instagram once more.

Here’s what you need to know:

Kent Teased That There’s ‘More to Come’

After the dirt came out that pretty much solidified that Emmett was cheating on Kent, the reality star took to her Instagram Stories to do what she does best.

Perhaps knowing that she was going to get an onslaught of attention, she saw an opportunity to share some of her makeup products and other clothing products, including new merchandise that mimics her bRand new tattoo — a major dig at her now-ex fiance.

In addition, Kent seemed to tease her fans and followers with one small sentence. “There’s more to come,” was typed in white lettering on a black background. Was Kent referring to the outing of Emmett’s cheating ways? Is she about to drop more merch? Hopefully, Kent will make that quite clear in the coming days.

Kent and the rest of the “Vanderpump Rules” cast will be filming the show’s reunion special on Friday, December 3, 2021. Will Kent be grilled by Andy Cohen about the situation with Emmett? It’s highly likely.

Kent Shared a Link to the Charity of a Woman That Emmett Allegedly Tried to Donate to in an Effort to Keep Her Quiet

To help decode Kent’s cryptic message, there’s something else to take into consideration.

“Once again, let me repeat. Randall tried to use a woman’s son’s charity who passed away to manipulate and buy her off. A son’s charity she never mentioned to Randall, mind you. It’s absolutely disgusting. This man is pure trash,” read a message on GirlGangz7733’s Instagram Stories. “I’m going to share the charity if you want to help in any way,” the person who runs the account continued, providing a link in the subsequent post.

Kent shared the same exact post with link to the charity within the same timeframe, according to these screenshots posted to Reddit.

“I love how Lala posted the charity,” one Redditor commented on a thread about the posts.

“I’m just sitting here with my popcorn watching it allllll play out,” added another.

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