Lala Kent Suggests She Will Cut Lisa Vanderpump Out of Her Life

Lala Kent, Lisa Vanderpump.

Bravo/Getty Images Lala Kent suggests she will cut off Lisa Vanderpump.

Lala Kent isn’t messing around when it comes to people in her circle being in communication with her ex.

The “Vanderpump Rules” star made it clear that she was going to cut people out of her life if they carried on relationships with Randall Emmett after she says he cheated on her.

“This has been going on for quite some time. It’s been kind of repeated behavior that I have found out about. And it’s not just one person, it’s many,” Kent said on the January 11, 2022, episode of “Watch What Happens Live.”

On the January 13, 2022, episode of the “Juicy Scoop” podcast, Kent said that she basically told her friends — many of whom were previously cool with Emmett — to “pick a side.”

“As far as I know, no one communicates with him,” Kent told host Heather McDonald. “I know that Schwartz still follows him. Everyone else has kind of wiped their hands. It’s just a situation where, it’s like, I was forced to tell people, and I hate even being this person, it’s you gotta pick a side,” she continued.

“Even if you pick his, it’s totally fine, but just know, like, I don’t f*** with you anymore,” she added.

Now, it sounds like Kent is ready to cut ties with Lisa Vanderpump — the woman who gave her a job at SUR, and thus launched her reality television career.

Here’s what you need to know:

Kent Wants Nothing to Do With Anyone Who Talks to Emmett

Kent is willing to lose friendships to ensure that she has absolutely zero overlap with her ex, whom she shares 1-year-old daughter Ocean with .

“I learned that [Tom] Schwartz hung out with that person the other day so I cut him out,” Kent told Andy Cohen on the April 11, 2022, episode of “Watch What Happens Live.”

Cohen mentioned Emmett’s relationship with Vanderpump.

“I don’t know if she’s seen him recently. I know when everything was happening, he was trying to reach out to her,” Kent responded. “I’m not the type of person to say, ‘You have to pick a side,’ but in this situation, if you don’t pick my side and you remain Switzerland, I want nothing to do with you,” she added, suggesting that she’s willing to cut Vanderpump out of her life.

No word on what would happen to Kent on “Vanderpump Rules” if she decided to no longer communicate with Vanderpump.

Emmett Is Still Friends With Jax Taylor

Although Kent didn’t share the current status of her relationship with former “Pump Rules” star Jax Taylor, Emmett recently revealed that the two are still “good friends.”

In January 2022, Taylor’s wife, Brittany Cartwright, told E! News’ Daily Pop that she didn’t know if her husband was still friends with Emmett. However, Cartwright and Kent have become really good friends over the years.

“Jax and Randall were super close. I’m not really sure exactly what’s going on with them, but let me just say I’m team Lala. I hope the best for her and Ocean and their entire family,” Cartwright said.

On the March 25, 2022, episode of the “Genuinely GG” podcast, Emmett told Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi that he and Taylor recently had lunch together.

“Jax and I have been friends for forever, and we’re still friends. I mean, we had lunch yesterday. He’s always been a friend to me, and I’ll always be a friend to him,” Emmett said.

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