Lala Kent Says Randall Emmett ‘Would Be S******* Bricks’ if He Knew What She Found Out

Getty Images Lala Kent teases more dirt about Randall Emmett.

It seems that there may be plenty more secrets about Randall Emmett that may bubble to the surface in the future — but Lala Kent isn’t about to spill the tea — yet.

The “Vanderpump Rules” star has been opening up about her split from Emmett little by little, and while she hasn’t said everything that she could, she is definitely starting to say more. Such has been the case on the “Give Them Lala” podcast.

On the December 22, 2021, episode, Kent discussed her past relationship with Emmett, and stressed how relieved she was to have her own money and have her financial situation under control so that she could just walk away. She also revealed that she knows a lot more about what Emmett has done than what has come out so far. She called his behavior “disgusting and dirty and dark.”

Kent has been focused on raising her baby girl, Ocean, and doesn’t seem to want to be the person to out Emmett for the things that he’s allegedly done, but she does think that more information will come out eventually — and the stuff isn’t good.

Here’s what you need to know:

Kent Said That if Emmett Knew That She Knew Some of the Things About Him, He’d Be ‘Sh****** Bricks’

Kent reached a point in her relationship with Emmett that she had no choice but to leave — but what she found out back in October 2021 is nothing compared to what she knows now.

“I find out things daily and if he whose name I shall not say knew what I know, he would be sh****** bricks. Yeah. But you know what? This ain’t ‘Vanderpump Rules.’ So I have zipped lips — for now,” Kent said.

“I don’t feel like I need to share everything that I know at this point in time because I know the universe reveals people’s truths. I have to trust in that because I sit here sometimes and I’m like, ‘How! How! How! How the f*** is this my life?'” Kent said, starting to cry.

“My constant concern is worrying about my baby [nine-month-old Ocean Kent Emmett], making money and working, and trying to keep my head above water,” Kent added.

Emmett Told Kent That He Wouldn’t Ever ‘Hold [Anything] Back’ From Her

The way that Kent and Emmett’s relationship is playing out on the current season of “Vanderpump Rules” is almost hard to watch, given what has happened over the past couple of months.

“My relationship was just based on lies,” Kent said on her podcast. Her comment came just one week before the December 28, 2021, episode of “Vanderpump Rules” during which Emmett told his then-girlfriend that he couldn’t keep anything from her.

“So you know, I’ll never hold back anything from you because I can’t,” he told Kent while Bravo cameras were rolling, according to Us Weekly.

“Well I’m also your just-shy-of-a wife so I would hope that you would tell me everything,” Kent responded.

“I thought he was so down for me. Anytime we would fight, he’s blowing up my mom, he’s blowing up my brother, he’s blowing up every single person to make it right. I just felt that he was so down for me. I thought, he made stupid decisions. I definitely didn’t think he was doing what he was doing,” Kent said on her podcast.

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