Lala Kent Defends Brynn Whitfield’s Comments Following Criticism From Co-Star

Lala Kent and Brynn Whitfield.

Getty Lala Kent and Brynn Whitfield.

“Vanderpump Rules” star Lala Kent has been open about her love of the “Real Housewives” franchises on her podcast, “Give Them Lala.” In the September 6 episode of her podcast, Kent shared her thoughts about “Real Housewives of New York City” season 14, episode 6, where Erin Lichy and her husband, Abraham “Abe” Lichy, held a vow renewal ceremony. The “Vanderpump Rules” personality noted that Erin Lichy got upset with her castmate Brynn Whitfield after she made flirtatious comments to her husband at the event. Kent seemed to disagree with the real estate agent’s assertion that Whitfield behaved inappropriately, stating that the moment where she said she would be interested in Abe Lichy upon the event he divorces his wife “was hysterical.” She also said that the Indiana native seemed interested in the sizable diamond ring Erin Lichy was given by her husband for their anniversary.

“She was talking about the giant rock that he just gave Erin, it was less about like, ‘I’m going to come steal your man.’ She was like, ‘I want like cool jewelry, so hit me up, if it doesn’t work out.’ It was a joke,” stated Kent.

She also stated that Whitfield did not make the remark near Erin Lichy’s children.

“She didn’t say it to the kids, she didn’t say, ‘Hey kids, when Daddy divorces Mom, you are going to be calling me Mom,'” said the “Vanderpump Rules” star.

Kent then shared she agreed with Sai De Silva’s assertion that the Lichys did not have enough food at their event.

“I think if it’s dinner time, you need to have a meal, and if it’s later, you have to have a plethora of snacks,” said the mother of one.

Kent also criticized Erin Lichy’s sister, Kelley Yitzhari Bielsky for telling Whitfield, De Silva, Jenna Lyons, and Jessel Taank to be quiet during the speech portion of the event. The “Vanderpump Rules” personality stated that her sister should have “read the room.”

“When you get married no one gives a s***, but you. And when you get remarried, then people really don’t give a s***, except you. No one needs to hear your backstory and speeches given, it’s so boring,” said Kent.

She then stated that Erin Lichy should have been aware that her guests were not interested in the speeches.

“No one cares about your love story, I know it’s hard to hear,” said Kent.

Erin Lichy Spoke About Brynn Whitfield’s Behavior in July 2023

In a July 2023 interview with Us Weekly, Erin Lichy spoke about her relationship with Whitfield. She explained that she enjoys some aspects of her castmate’s personality. However, she asserted that she disapproved of quite a few of Whitfield’s comments.

“But when she gets to a place that I feel becomes … too serious or like, icky, that’s when I’m just like, ‘OK.’ I kind of put my hands up,” said Lichy.

She also stated that she does not believe Whitfield’s interaction with her husband at their anniversary party was “normal.”

“Thinking back on it and the behavior, it’s just not something I would ever do. I don’t think that … it was the time or place or the behavior that I find to be quite frankly, normal behavior,” said the RHONY star.

Jessel Taank Came to Brynn Whitfield’s Defense

Taank came to Whitfield’s defense in an August 2023 interview with Us Weekly. She stated that Whitfield is naturally flirtatious. She also said she believed Abe Lichy had enjoyed his conversation with Whitfield.

“I was standing right next to her at that moment, and Abe was laughing. If Abe was uncomfortable, I think I would’ve maybe stepped in. But knowing Brynn, I know 100 percent that she was not serious,” said Taank.

The publication reported that Whitfield revealed she regretted her remarks to her co-star’s husband in an August 2023 Instagram comment.

“I’ve apologized multiple times and admitted that the timing and the setting was awful. I think I’m SO funny and that time I was super wrong. A divorce bit at an anniversary party was not a good choice,” shared the 36-year-old.

Sai De Silva Has Opened Up About Her Issues With Brynn Whitfield

Lichy is not the only RHONY personality who has been at odds with Whitfield. During an August 2023 appearance on Page Six’s “24 Hours” series, De Silva stated she and Whitfield had a falling out while filming RHONY season 14. She explained that Whitfield repeated private information she “shouldn’t have shared.”

“There was just some things that I kind of told her and that I wish she wouldn’t have said,” said the social media influencer.

She went on to say that she was “disappointed” with Whitfield’s behavior. She also suggested that her castmate has not tried to get back into her good graces.

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