Fans Confused by Lala Kent’s Father’s Day Post

Lala Kent

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Fans questioned “Vanderpump Rules” star Lala Kent after she posted a photo on Father’s Day with her daughter Ocean.

On Sunday, June 19, 2022, Kent posted a photo of her holding Ocean in the pool with the caption, “We had a happy day. & my “DAD” tattoo is making a perfect appearance.” But fans wondered why Ocean wasn’t with her father, Randall Emmett for the holiday.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Slammed Lala Kent for Father’s Day Post ‘Shame on You for Not Letting Him Spend It With His Daughter’

“Why wasn’t she with her dad?” a fan asked. Another fan asked the same question writing, “How come O isn’t with her Dad on Father’s Day?”

“So she had the baby for Father’s day? Damn!” someone commented.

“Good for you QUEEN,” a fan wrote. “You don’t need no cheating ass man to keep you happy. You have your baby.”

“Low blow to Randall. Must have been a real F up!” someone said.

“Shame on you for not letting him spend it with his daughter. He cheated move on his daughter has nothing to do with that. Stop being selfish,” someone wrote.

“She should be able to see her dad regardless of your feelings La La. She’ll grow up resenting you not him,” someone wrote.

Several fans gave potential reasons why Ocean wasn’t with Emmett.

“sometimes the divorced weekend fall on holidays and the parents won’t concede to relinquish their time or switch,” someone suggested.

“he prob was and she’s making it look like she had the baby all day so he stays looking bad, she’s a smart girl,” someone wrote.

“Sometimes women can’t separate how the man treated them from how they will treat the kids, and vice versa,” a fan pointed out. “Just hope one day she understands the difference and remembers she praised his efforts as a dad before he cheated not just with her own, but with Ambyrs girls. People who grow up in solid homes tend to not deal with broken ones very well.”

“Because he is in the middle of filming a movie,” another fan mentioned.

“maybe he didn’t show up? Maybe he wasn’t granted those rights? In a perfect world kids wouldn’t have to go back and forth. Life isn’t perfect and this isn’t YOUR life. It’s not for you to understand,” someone pointed out.

Kent spent Father’s Day with her former and current Pump Rules co-stars, Brittany Cartwright, Jax Taylor, and Scheana Shay and their children.

Randall Emmett Shares About His ‘Greatest Achievement in This Lifetime’ on Father’s Day

On Father’s Day Emmett shared several Instagram Stories of his three daughters, two from a previous marriage. He also posted an Instagram photo of the family of four.

“My greatest achievement in this lifetime will always be my 3 beautiful daughters,” he wrote. “Every day they make life perfect. They are each so different and beautiful in every way. I hope all of the fathers out there have an amazing Father’s Day and thank you dad for the love you have given me unconditionally.”

Emmett didn’t address his absence, though he previously posted about a new movie he was working on in Georgia.

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