Lala Kent Warned by Fans After Latest Post

Lala Kent.

Getty Images Lala Kent is being criticized for posting an ad about breast implants.

Lala Kent has been candid about her decision to undergo plastic surgery following the birth of her child, the end of her engagement, and the release of the paperback version of her book.

“I want to celebrate. I’m going into surgery to have my boobies done on Friday,” the “Vanderpump Rules” star said on the April 18, 2022, episode of the “Behind the Velvet Rope” podcast. “I’ll be down for a little bit, but the second that I’m up and at ’em, I will be taking my new boobs out to celebrate my national bestseller book,” she added.

However, Kent didn’t have her implants done in April, but is scheduled to have the procedure done soon. On May 24, 2022, she gave her fans a bit of an update, letting them know that she’s decided to go with Sientra implants. She shared such in an ad.

Here’s what you need to know:

Kent Said That She Chose Sientra Because the Implants Have a ‘Strong Safety Record’

Kent promised to share her journey with her followers and wanted them to get some information about the type of implant that she’s chosen to get.

“#SientraImplants have a strong safety record and there has been more than a decade of research on their safety profile. Another major plus? They feel SO natural to the touch,” she wrote in a caption that accompanied a video ad.

Several people took to the comments section to warn Kent that implants can be very dangerous and can cause serious illness, regardless of the type.

“Girl, DONT DO IT. I had BII and have learned so much about it since. TONS of women had NO symptoms until after their replacement set was put in!! Seriously don’t do it. You are perfect,” one comment read.

“I hope down the road you don’t develop BII like myself and thousands of other women have developed,” another person added.

“There is no implant that is actually safe. Women have died from lymphoma and sarcoma inside the scar tissue that forms around the implant. I’d take take out and rock a cute lift and enjoy your cute body the way it is. You may not experience it now but down the line it’ll affect your health,” a third Instagram user wrote.

“Breast Implant Illness is real! The outside of the bag is made out of silicone too and all kinds of other toxins that your body absorbs please google Breast Implant Illness. I was so sick after 30 years of 2 sets of implants. I took them out and i’m feeling amazing! Be careful you are awesome & beautiful I love you & who you are. No hate here just love,” read additional feedback.

Fans Think Kent Is Getting a Free Surgery

Aside from getting plenty of comments about potential complications from breast implants, Kent also got plenty of comments from people assuming that she did this ad as a way for her to get her breast augmentation for free — or, perhaps, severely discounted.

“Well this is one way to get your surgery paid for,” one Instagram user commented on Kent’s post.

“Sponsored implants, I’m with it,” a second comment read.

“I hope you got a great discount for the ad,” someone else said.

“Get that free boob job girl! Proud of you!!” a fourth person added.

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