Lala Kent Talks Mommy Shame

Lala Kent

Getty Lala Kent in 2019

In a new Instagram post, Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent opened up about being a new mother and the mom-shaming that can come along with being a new parent.

On April 1, Kent posted a photo of herself sitting on the ground as she pumped breastmilk with a mug in her hand.  “I also think it important to say this: so many people asked me if I was going to breastfeed. I thought this was a strange question because it’s not that simple,” Kent wrote in the caption. “I know many women who struggled- whether the baby didn’t latch, milk wasn’t coming in, or it just wasn’t for them.”

Kent continued, opening up more about her own experience with breastfeeding. “I was never married to the idea of breastfeeding because I didn’t want to feel disappointment or shame,” Kent wrote. “That being said, I’m grateful my boobies are producing, but I know my baby is bonded to me regardless of what kind of nipple is in her mouth.”

Some of Kent’s fellow Vanderpump Rules stars seemed to be able to relate to the star. Stassi Schroeder’s husband, Beau, commented, “Get an extension cord and go sit and watch TV!”

On March 15, Kent gave birth to her first daughter with her fiancé Randall Emmett. The couple named her Ocean Kent Emmett.

Lala Kent Often Shares Updates About Her Daughter on Instagram

On her Instagram page, Kent often shares updates about her newborn daughter. On March 22, the Vanderpump Rules star shared more about her experience of being a mother so far. “A week ago, March 15th 2021, at 6:45AM, my life changed forever,” Kent wrote at the time. “This little 5 lb 10 oz, sign of Pisces sent me into a world I can only explain as heavenly. No one could have prepared me for this kind of love.”

Kent continued, “Ocean, you are the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I am so honored to be your mama- my heart could just burst.”

Kent has also shared various photos of her daughter and her fiancé on her Instagram stories.

Lala Kent Discussed Parenting With Lisa Vanderpump

Although Kent has been fairly open about her own experience so far as a mother, there’s another person whom she looks to for parenting pointers. According to Life & Style Magazine, Kent asked her former boss, Lisa Vanderpump, for parenting advice when she gave birth to baby Ocean.

“I’ve spoken to Lala [at] great length and she’s asked my advice as well on some of the things new mothers go through,” Vanderpump recently told the outlet. “I spoke to her for an hour the day before yesterday on FaceTime. I love her.”

Vanderpump also added, “I’ve seen Lala’s baby on Zoom and sent flowers, as we do in England. We send flowers when the baby is born and then when we meet the baby, we normally buy the baby something then. I’ve seen the baby on Zoom.”

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