Lala Kent Says She Has ‘Heard Rumblings for a While’ About Mauricio Umansky’s Behavior

Lala Kent and Mauricio Umansky.

NBCUniversal Lala Kent and Mauricio Umansky.

“Vanderpump Rules” star Lala Kent shared her thoughts about “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” personality Kyle Richards and her estranged husband Mauricio Umansky‘s separation. While recording the October 31 episode of her podcast, “Give Them Lala,” Kent suggested that she admired Umansky and Richards’ relationship. She noted, however, that she was aware of rumors about Umansky’s behavior, as she also lives in the Los Angeles area.

“Kyle and Mauricio were, like, goals, right? And yes, I live in L.A., I’ve heard rumblings for a while about Mauricio. Now I know where there’s smoke, there’s fire. But there are crazy people who just make s*** up. And Mauricio is very hot, so I could see people making up that they hooked up with him,” said Kent. 

Kent also gave her opinion about pictures taken of Umansky grasping his former “Dancing with the Stars” partner, Emma Slater’s hand. As DWTS fans are aware, Umansky and Slater were eliminated from the ABC series on the show’s October 31 episode.

Kent stated she believed Umansky purposefully posed with Slate to garner attention.

“I think it’s for publicity, I don’t think it’s real, I don’t think they’ve had some sort of, like, love story, behind the scenes of dancing and touching each other’s body, and doing the salsa together. I just don’t see that being like, ‘You’re the one for me,'” said Kent. 

Lala Kent Applauded Kyle Richards’ Behavior in the Premiere Episode of RHOBH Season 13

In the October 31 “Give Them Lala” episode, Kent shared she appreciated how Richards behaved toward Umansky in RHOBH season 13, episode 1. In the RHOBH season 13 episode, Umansky was surprised to learn his wife has five tattoos. When he implored her to not get more, Richards told him he was not in control of her actions.

“Kyle was so incredibly sexy this episode. And I think it’s because she’s kind of looking at him like, ‘I don’t f***** need you.’ It’s the confidence” said Kent. 

Kent then shared she believed Umansky “look[ed] sad” in the RHOBH episode.

Kyle Richards Commented on Pictures of Mauricio Umansky

Richards shared she was upset by the images that showed her estranged husband and Slater with their hands intertwined while filming an October 2023 “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” episode.

“I was taken aback. That was very hard to see. That hurt my feelings,” said Richards. 

Us Weekly reported that Umansky and Slate stated that speculation they were romantically involved did not hold any truth during an October 26 Instagram Story.

“We do want to address this story. This whole thing that’s going out and about, about whether Emma and I are dating,” said Umansky. 

The Agency CEO stated that paparazzi took their photos after they got food together following a DWTS rehearsal in October 2023.

“Lots of the stories are wrong. And yes, it’s a very emotional week. We were talking about the week during dinner and when we came out of dinner. We were recapping and I reached out to grab Emma’s hand. And she grabbed my hand,” said Umansky. “And then we walked to the cars. Just recapping and then the paparazzi caught that moment. And it’s become a blown-out moment.”

On November 14, Us Weekly reported that Umansky and an unidentified woman, presumably not Slater, spent time together in Texas. A source informed the publication the Agency CEO “was all over her.”

“There was no kissing, but they were getting very close. He was flirting with her and holding her hand at one point. They were whispering to each other,” stated the insider. “He had his arm behind her. They were definitely having fun together, and she was into it. They left together with the group.”

Kyle Richards Spoke About Her Relationship in a November 2023 Interview

While speaking to Extra TV in November 2023, Richards mentioned the pictures featuring Umansky and Slater.

“Listen, you don’t want to see your husband holding hands with anyone like that,” said Richards.

She clarified that while she did not appreciate the images, she still had high regard for  her estranged husband.

“The most important thing is that we are very good friends and we love each other. And we’re putting our family first,” said the RHOBH star.

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