Fans Slammed Lala Kent for Taking Infant into ‘Dangerous’ Situation

Lala Kent

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Fans blasted “Vanderpump Rules” star Lala Kent for taking her young daughter to the gym with her.

On March 3, 2022, Kent posted a video compilation of her working out at a gym with her nearly 1-year-old daughter, Ocean.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Called Out Lala for Bringing Ocean Into a ‘Dangerous’ Situation & Called Her ‘Self-Absorbed’

Fans took to the comments of her Instagram post to slam her for bringing a baby into the gym, some noting there were other people working out in the background of the video.

“This is silly,” someone wrote on Instagram. “Full makeup and leather pants at the gym,” another Instagram user wrote.

“Surprise they allow the baby in that area…” a fan commented.

“Babies are certainly NOT ALLOWED IN OUR GYMS . It’s dangerous !!” someone pointed out.

“Literally no one wants a baby in a gym. Read the room ya self absorbed Dingus,” someone wrote.

“As good as this is I don’t know of any gym that would allow a baby in the workout area,” a fan wrote.

Additionally, fans took to Reddit to blast the reality star further.

In a thread titled “This a***** brought her infant onto the weight room floor at a public gym Because Instagram” many fans also targeted Kent.

“Is this for real? Hair and makeup done, sexy workout gear on, holding the baby, because, oh no! the struggle for her is so real?” a fan wrote on the thread. “Who the f*** was filming this shit? I saw the video of her doing squats while holding Ocean – I’ve seen a lot of people doing squats but never with their feet spread that far apart. Seriously, it looked like she was popping a squat because the ladies room was closed. I really just can’t with her. Just cannot.”

“why isn’t the person taking the video just holding the baby instead of taking a video lol,” someone wrote on Reddit.

“Why not leave her in her stroller? It’s dangerous to hold a baby in one arm and a weight in another,” someone else commented.

“Between the day nurse and the night nurse… no one could watch poor Ocean so mumma could lift? Not even the executive assistant?” a fan wrote. 

“that is so many levels of stupid,” someone wrote. 

Not All the Comments Were Negative; Some Fans Praised Lala Kent for Being an ‘Inspiring Woman for Your Daughter to Emulate’

Some fans pointed out the message this gives to Ocean about strong women. Other fans noted that many single mothers don’t have other child care options.

“What an inspiring woman for your daughter to emulate,” a fan wrote on Instagram.

“People are obsessed with s******* on certain members relentlessly for stupid mundane things because it makes them feel better about themselves/they need to tear someone apart. It’s honestly sad,” someone wrote on Reddit. 

“I would totally do the same if my baby didn’t bother other gym-goers,” someone commented. “There’s a whole portion of the industry dedicated to mom and baby workout classes so this doesn’t bother me at all.. Trust me, your baby will find more gross things in cleaner places to put in their mouth – they’ll be just fine.”

“Or you know, trying to inspire moms to work out when they can even with a baby?” someone wrote. “Why is bringing a baby to the gym so terrible? Ocean looks happy”

“You go momma!!!! I wish more gyms had mommy/me or allowed this! I’m so ready to go back but can’t cause my baby isn’t old enough for child care,” a fan wrote on Instagram.

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Jeanine Eno
Jeanine Eno
6 months ago

Every gym I belong to has daycare for members that belong, they offer free daycare. It’s inconsiderate to bring your baby in tow to the work out area. I’m a grandma raising her 2 grandsons. The gym is my ZEN time, I think bringing your baby is purely for paparazzi to follow her there and make a storyline. It’s really the last place you want your child crawling around on then putting her hands in her mouth! COVID is nothing compared to 1000’s of dripping sweat that hasn’t been cleaned up!! That’s more nasty then anything!!

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