Lala Kent Slammed by Fans Over ‘Weird’ T-Shirt Message

Lala Kent

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Lala Kent had a clear message to share in a recent photo she posted on Instagram, but it backfired for a lot of fans who roasted the “Vanderpump Rules” star.

Kent posted a photo of herself in a plain white t-shirt with the message printed on it, “My P.I. knows all about you.” She tucked the shirt into some cutoff jeans and paired the look with white ankle boots. The Bravolebrity also showed off her bleached blonde hair with bangs.

To match her t-shirt message about a private investigator, Kent captioned the post, “Knowledge is power.” Here is the post:

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Kent Was Ripped by Fans for the Message on Her Shirt & Her Overall Look

Fans were quick to rip into Kent on Reddit for her comments. “If you needed a PI to tell you that Randall sucked… you’re not very bright lol,” someone wrote, racking up more than 500 upvotes.

Someone else wrote, “Save the money and listen to your cast mates who were warning her the whole time. Stop defending ‘my man’ and listen. She made her own bed, everyone else knew, Lala definitely knew.” Another replied, “Any time someone had something critical to say about ‘my man,’ she would just talk over them and ultimately shut them down.” Someone else wrote, “She knew for sure.” Another agreed, “She knew. Everything she spouts is lies on lies gtfo Lauren you wanted a sugar daddy and got Splenda now you mad.”

One person wrote, “Lala has stated that she will use a P.I or run background checks on anyone she dates moving forward, since Randall was such a creep. I’m wondering did she really not know stuff about Randall?” Another person said, “She knew that he had a wife and kids that he rarely saw. She was just so full of herself thinking that she had scored a big Hollywood producer. She looks really ignorant.” Someone else commented, “I dont feel sorry for this girl… The same way you got him is the same way you lose him.”

One person commented, “Who would even buy this….it’s not even like a funny or catchy saying or anything it’s just weird lol.” Many people ridiculed Kent for her appearance in the picture, with one person writing, “Listen, some people just cannot pull off this kind of blonde look.” Someone else said, “She looks like a busted Pam Anderson. Low budget Pam Anderson impersonator.” Another wrote, “How is this hair style in again.” Someone else said, “That hair and facial expression is giving cheap and haggard.” One commented, “She looks like a 50yr old struggling to stay young.”

Kent Spoke About Hiring a Private Investigator to Look Into Prospective Dates Earlier This Year

Kent shared during an Amazon Live earlier this year that she runs background checks on prospective dates, telling fans, “I will never welcome someone into my life again without a full background check, and I mean in-depth. I got to see what your credit is. I need to know your family history. I need to know everything you’ve been involved with. I’m going deep.”

She also said she has a “PI guy” that she’ll send information about guys she’s thinking of dating and explained that she wants to know their “story” before meeting up with them. Kent revealed that the “trauma” she suffered in her relationship with Emmett is what made her decide to turn to a private investigator.

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Lala, aren’t you tired of making a fool of yourself?

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