Lala Kent Calls Randall Emmett a ‘Mastermind Manipulator’ & More in New Podcast

Getty Images Lala Kent and Randall Emmett have split.

Someone might be looking to get popped.

During a March 8 appearance on the Juicy Scoop With Heather McDonald podcast, “Vanderpump Rules” star Lala Kent slammed her ex-fiancé, Randall Emmett, as a “mastermind manipulator” and more. During the podcast, McDonald asked how she was doing post-breakup.

“He’s such a mastermind manipulator that I thought he was really a good dude to me, so I like, made concessions for the fact that I couldn’t stand him,” Kent explained. “And I was like, but he’s nice, like, he takes care of me, like, he cares about what I’m saying, which really I don’t even remember ever being able to get a word in.”

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Kent continued during the episode, “I was completely in the dark. I don’t know him, I don’t want to know him, I don’t want to be associated, like, he will never be around me ever again. And I told him, you also don’t know me, because that version that I was with you was not me.”

In October 2021, Kent and Emmett split for good after he was pictured in Nashville, Tenn., with two other women, which sparked cheating rumors. Kent later told Page Six during a December 2021 interview that she had obtained proof of Emmett cheating on her during their relationship. The two had been engaged since September 2018.

Kent Claimed That There Were ‘Red Flags’ in Her Relationship With Emmett

While speaking to the outlet People in December 2021, Kent admitted that there were some “red flags” in her relationship with Emmett that she had ignored throughout the years.

“There’s like a laundry list,” Kent revealed at the time. “A dude not letting you look at his phone, someone who is never really home — all of these things that I just think about; he so was not present in any moment, whether it was with me or his children. It was like he was physically there, but he was not mentally there.”

Kent continued about Emmett, “The phone was a major, major addiction. I always wonder what could he constantly be doing on that phone? And now I see it all. I should have opened my eyes and said, ‘This is not normal behavior.’ This is called a red flag. Him being gone so much, this is a red flag.”

Kent Said That She Is ‘Happy Again’ After Her Split From Emmett

During a February 2022 Q+A that Kent did on her Instagram stories, she revealed that she finally felt “happy again” following her split from Emmett. In the story, which was obtained by Page Six, a fan asked Kent how she stayed so strong during the breakup, to which the “Vanderpump Rules” star replied:

“Obviously I get a lot of strength from my daughter-but beyond that, I think strength comes with knowing your wroth, with or without someone. The moment I saw who that person really was, and the mask had finally fallen, I knew I was better off and he never deserved me. That feeling gave me power. Even though there are moments I go ‘what the f***,’ I find strength in the fact that I am free. I am happy again. I recognize myself in the mirror again.”

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