Lala Kent Reveals Unaired Fight With Co-Star Over Money: ‘I Was Furious’

Lala Kent

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Lala Kent and Raquel Leviss clashed on “Vanderpump Rules” season 10 on several occasions, and Kent revealed the details of one unaired fight that they had over a past collaboration.

Back in March 2022, Kent posted photos on her Instagram page of herself and Leviss together to promote one of her Give Them Lala Beauty eye shadow palettes named “The Bambi Eyed B****.” When Kent announced the launch, she thanked Leviss for being a part of it. The name, of course, was based on Kent’s memorable insult of Leviss in season 7 of the Bravo show.

In the May 3 episode of Kent’s podcast “Give Them Lala,” she revealed that she had an argument with Leviss at the beach day with the rest of the cast but it didn’t make the final edit of the 12th episode, “Beach, Don’t Kill My Vibe.” According to Kent, Leviss complained about the compensation she received for the photoshoot.

“You did see Schwartz coming for how I provide for my baby, but you also didn’t see that Sandoval starts attacking it as well and then Raquel starts talking about how she didn’t get paid very much for the Bambi-Eyed B**** palette,” Kent revealed. “I said to her, ‘I paid you a thousand dollars, you worked for two hours, maybe even less, that’s 500 an hour. Show me one person who is making and like scoffing at 500 dollars an hour.'”

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Lala Kent Said She Was ‘Furious’ With Raquel Leviss & That She Should Have Negotiated If She Didn’t Like the Agreement

Kent shared on her podcast that she told Leviss that it wasn’t like she was in big demand and she’d done the photoshoot as a favor to her co-star. “You sound sick,” she continued. “And then I said you know, ‘The last time I saw you, b**** you were sashaying down a runway at a f****** community college wearing a Miss Malibu sash.'”

The mother of one added that she told Leviss that if she didn’t think the compensation was fair, she should have negotiated. “I was furious and I did say, you roll up your 1998 Jetta in your sublet apartment and it wasn’t to throw daggers, I don’t give a f*** what you drive, but don’t step to me acting like you live some baller lifestyle and a thousand dollars for two hours was just so beneath you,” Kent argued.

She concluded that she felt really “disgusted” with her co-stars that day and felt like all of them had “hit an all-time low.”

Lala Kent & Raquel Leviss Have Often Clashed on ‘Vanderpump Rules’ But Were Getting Along Briefly Ahead of Season 10 Filming

Kent and Leviss have never really gotten along on “Vanderpump Rules” but appeared to have gotten to a better place after season 9 wrapped and Leviss and James Kennedy broke up. “I wouldn’t say we’re ‘super close,’” Kent shared on “Watch What Happens Live” back in January 2022. “She’s hard not to adore. I mean, not only is [Raquel] beautiful, but she has the heart to match.”

However, by the time the cameras were back up for season 10, things had soured again between the two women, especially as Leviss was seen trying to make out with Katie Maloney’s ex-husband Tom Schwartz. Kent also called Leviss a “mistress” at one point while Leviss accused Kent of being a “mistress bimbo.”

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