Lala Kent Criticizes Co-Star Who Wants to Hold Her Accountable for Past Actions

Lala Kent in "Vanderpump Rules" season 10.

Nicole Weingart/Bravo Lala Kent in "Vanderpump Rules" season 10.

“Vanderpump Rules” star Lala Kent joined the show’s cast during its fourth season, which premiered in 2015. The reality television personality opened up about having issues with one of her castmates during a February 2023 episode of her podcast, “Give Them Lala.” She claimed that the unnamed “Vanderpump Rules” star continuously brings up her past behavior.

“I can’t argue with someone who wants to hold me accountable for things that happened a really long time ago that we’ve already talked about. And that’s what happens with the show a lot of the time is they want to bring – I don’t want to say they, ’cause not all of them do this, but a specific person loves to go back to what I did when I first entered the show or when I was drinking,” shared Kent. “It’s like we’ve talked about this. We already talked about this! I live in today. And it’s also hard when people want to hold you accountable, but it’s like who the f*** are you? I got people who hold me accountable.”

Kent explained that she receives guidance from her mother, Lisa Burningham, and her Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor.

“My mama lives with me, bro, my mama can put me in check, I’ve got a sponsor that puts me in check, it’s like who the f*** do you think you are that you are going to be schooling me on life? Once you become Bethenny Frankel then yeah, you can school me on a lot of s***. Until then, shut the f*** up,” said Kent.

Lala Kent Spoke About Her Dynamic With Former ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Stars

While recording the February 2023 “Give Them Lala” episode, Kent also spoke about her dynamic with her former “Vanderpump Rules” co-stars. She shared that some “Vanderpump Rules” alums, like Kristen Doute, do not mind if she talks about the Bravo series with them. The “4 U” singer then revealed others do not want to discuss “Vanderpump Rules” with the show’s current cast members.

“There’s something about the former cast when they can say ‘hey I don’t like talking about it because it affects me in this way’ – I just love honesty so much, you can tell me like ‘hey, by the way, this affects me. It kind of ruffles my feathers, I don’t want to talk about it,’ great,” said the mother of one.

Lala Kent Shared She Would Like Kristen Doute Back on ‘Vanderpump Rules’

Kent appeared on a January 2023 episode of Doute’s podcast, “Sex, Love, and What Else Matters.” During the podcast episode, Doute, who was fired from “Vanderpump Rules” following season 8, shared she was looking forward to the show’s upcoming season. Kent noted that she believes fans will enjoy the new episodes. She also shared she would like Doute to rejoin the “Vanderpump Rules” cast.

“A lot of people said this is what we’ve been waiting for, as far as it reminds them of more of an OG organic cast, obviously, there’s a million and one comments that say like ‘please bring back some of the OGs’ and if I had the power, obviously, I would love to because I will say not many people make reality TV like you do, Kristen Doute,” said Kent.

The tenth season of “Vanderpump Rules” will premiere on February 8, 2023.

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