Lala Kent Reveals Sex Has Been ‘Tainted’ Following Her Breakup

Lala Kent

Getty Lala Kent poses in 2021.

 “Vanderpump Rules” personality Lala Kent has been candid about navigating being single following her decision to end her relationship with her ex-fiance Randall Emmett, who is the father of her 11-month-old child, Ocean.

During a March 2022 “Give Them Lala” podcast episode, the 31-year-old shared that she is casually dating but is hesitant to have a physical relationship with another person. She explained that she has been attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings to maintain her sobriety. Kent revealed that in one particular meeting, the group discussed “sexuality and sobriety.” The Bravo star noted that she “realized in that meeting [she was] not ready to have sex yet” as a result of her ill-fated relationship with Emmett. Since Kent’s October 2021 breakup from the father of three, she has alleged that the 50-year-old was unfaithful when they were a couple.

“I have so much work to do in this program still, like my relationship with sex back in the day was like, add him to the roster, this is so fun, let’s drink, let’s touch each other. And, you know, then I get into a relationship and now that it’s ended and my eyes are open to what was going on behind my back, sex is tainted for me,” said Kent. “I think about it and I’m disgusted. I’ve got to get out of that. I have to reclaim my sexuality, I have to reclaim what sex means to me because right now it’s dirty, it’s gross, it represents betrayal, it represents darkness, and like, none of my doing, all of someone else’s doing.”

Lala Kent Spoke About Being Sober While Dating in March 2022

During a March 2022 appearance on the “Tap In W/ Harry Jowsey” podcast, Kent shared that she is determined to stay sober. She asserted that she has not felt pressured to consume alcohol after she broke up with Emmett. 

“I’m deep in my sobriety. And any moment that I feel you know when anyone — I’ll speak for myself because I’m in the program. If I have the thought that my life would be easier in the dating pool if I had a drink, I immediately call my sponsor. And I get my a** into a meeting. Because that thought will manifest itself into something very different,” explained the mother of one. 

She clarified that she is willing to date people who are not sober if they are not struggling with substance abuse issues. 

“If you are getting white girl wasted all the time around me, we’re not connecting. But like if I go out on a date with a dude and he decides to have a f***ing whiskey or a glass of wine or even gets a good buzz on, like do you,” said Kent. 

Lala Kent Revealed That She Has Been Consistently Happy While Being Sober

During the “Tap In W/ Harry Jowsey” interview, Kent shared that her life has continually gotten better since becoming sober in 2018. 

“They call it a pink cloud when you first get sober because everyone is so happy with their new found sobriety and then when they realize this is your life path, you’re not drinking again, people tend to fall off. I still feel like I’m on that pink cloud three years and some change later,” said the 31-year-old. 

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