Did Lala Kent Give Permission for Alleged Randall Emmett Texts to Be Posted?

Getty Images Lala Kent and Randall Emmett are over.

On November 28, 2021, the GirlGangz7733 Instagram account posted several different screenshots of messages that Randall Emmett allegedly sent to other women while he was engaged to Lala Kent.

The “Vanderpump Rules” star has not acknowledged the text messages or her ex’s alleged cheating, but there is a rumor floating around that she actually gave the person who runs the GirlGangz7733 Instagram account permission to share the messages, thus exposing Emmett.

The rumor may have been started thanks to cryptic messages that Kent shared on her Instagram Stories. For example, just before GirlGangz7733 shared the texts, Kent wrote, “What’s done in the dark, always come to the light,” on her Stories. She also teased fans with a message that read there’s “more to come,” but didn’t specify what she meant — nor did she elaborate.

Here’s what you need to know:

GirlGangz7733 Denies That Kent Had Anything to Do With the Exposing of Emmett

Despite what you may have read online, GirlGangz7733 has supplied proof that Kent didn’t know that the text messages were going to be released.

“Nobody deserves to be publicly humiliated like this… BUT Lala publicly harassed his ex. Saying she can’t keep a man, (Rand) was a total asshole to everyone for years. These texts are back from 2018 and Lala knew about them. She gave permission to Girlganz [sic] to post them today. The day she’s filming the reunion after gaslighting everyone all season. Seems sus to me,” read a message from an account with “no followers and no following,” according to a screenshot shared by GirlGangz7733 on Friday, December 3, 2021.

The person who runs the GirlGangz account shared a conversation that she had with Kent, which may or may not prove that Kent had no knowledge that the messages were going to be posted.

“There seems to be a rumor stating [that] Lala gave me permission to post these DMs I showed. Here are some actual receipts. Lala did not know I was posting them. Rand is trying every which way he can to spin this but he can’t this time,” the person who runs the account wrote.

A Reddit thread about GirlGangz7733’s claims was started, and many fans still seem to think that Kent was somehow behind the texts getting out. Some Redditors recall the owner of the account actually writing that she was waiting for permission before posting.

“I 100% remember what you are saying. I assumed she got permission from Lala as well since she fully stated [she’s] waiting to post anything until she got the ‘OK’ from Lala’s team,” one Redditor commented.

“Yup I think they are rewriting the story so it doesn’t make Lala look like she was vengeful. Girlgangz will do whatever Lala wants. It’s giving her clicks,” added another.

Kent Hasn’t Said Too Much About Her Split From Emmett

Kent hasn’t spoken out directly about the cheating allegations, but she has confirmed that she’s no longer with Emmett.

“I obviously want to acknowledge that I’m sure everyone knows what is going on between Randall and myself and just in my personal life. There will be a time I feel comfortable enough to open up and share. Today is definitely not that day. It’s been a lot. I’m going through a lot, and I just at this point in time want to protect my child. She’s my number one priority,” Kent said on her November 3, 2021, podcast.

“You know there are certain things that can be discussed. And there are certain things that go a little deeper that I will answer to the best of my ability,” Kent said on the December 1, 2021, episode of her podcast. The mom of one also talked about going into the holiday season as a single mom — something she never thought she’d have to do.

Kent filmed the “Vanderpump Rules” reunion on December 3, 2021. It’s unknown if she addressed her split on the show.

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