Lala Kent Digs Into ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Reunion Bombshell

Lala Kent

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Lala Kent shared her speculation on the bombshell rumored to be dropping in part three of the “Vanderpump Rules” season 10 reunion during her Amazon Live on June 5, 2023, and addressed some of the fan theories.

Kent admitted that she hadn’t seen the third reunion episode yet, which was strange because the cast usually gets sent the episodes on the Friday before it airs. “They have kept that so tight in their grips,” she revealed, “Which is kind of like great and not great. Because I’m doing ‘Watch What Happens Live’ and I need time to process what has happened on Vanderpump before you throw me in front of twenty people and a live screen.”

She added that she was expecting that the cast members would potentially get the episode late on Tuesday night. “I hope they do because I need to prep,” she said. “I just don’t like the optics and the visual of me on live television just freshly seeing the reunion.”

That said, Kent joked that she was hoping the reveal was “legit” and wanted her jaw to drop to the floor. “I have no idea [what it is],” she added. “It’s gotta be a big deal. I just don’t think that they would amp it up to the point of like one of our producers saying wait until you sign any contracts if season 11 is offered to us, like wait to see if you even want to be a part of it anymore. Like what could that possibly be.”

Kent answered one fan’s question wondering whether it was going to be Raquel Leviss revealing that the affair with Tom Sandoval started before her engagement to James Kennedy and Kent said she didn’t think that’s what it was. “If that were it, which I don’t know and I don’t think that that’s what it’s going to be,” she began, “If it is… I bet it happened shortly before they actually got engaged. Because that’s the only reason why he would start paying for the engagement.”

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Lala Kent Said She Didn’t Think the Bombshell Was About Her

Kent was also asked during the Amazon Live if the big reveal in the “Vanderpump Rules” final reunion episode might be about her since she’s the cast member going on “Watch What Happens Live.” Kent said it wasn’t the first time that she’d heard that conspiracy theory but didn’t think it was the case.

“I have nothing to do with Scandoval,” she shared. “And if I knew anything I would have put it on Instagram,” she laughed. She said it was possible she was involved without realizing it, though she didn’t think that was the case. “Honestly, I think they’re having me on because Tamra [Judge] and I will be a good combination and also I love ‘Real Housewives.'”

Lala Kent Addressed Some of the Theories About What the Bombshell Might Be

Kent ran through some of the other conspiracy theories circulating, including one that Leviss is pregnant, but said it was “squashed.” Executive producer Alex Baskin told Page Six that Leviss is not pregnant. Another conspiracy theory is that Lisa Vanderpump knew about the scandal a long time before the news broke, but Vanderpump herself denied that that was the case.

Vanderpump tweeted that she only found out about the scandal a minute before the public found out then added that she knew what the revelation was and “it ain’t that.”

Regardless of the revelation, Kent expressed hope in her Amazon Live that once the reunion for season 11 was over, the cast would be able to move on from “Scandoval” and that it will have “played itself out.”

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3 months ago

I hope Sandoval and Raquel are married with a baby on the way and she owns a third of Schwartz and Sandy’s, where most of the filming will take place