Fans Blast Southern Charm Star as ‘Condescending Jerk’

Southern Charm cast photo

Bravo Southern Charm cast photo

The 8th season of “Southern Charm” is just around the corner and viewers will see the return of many of its stars for what the trailer indicated will be a very dramatic season.

Bravo fans who love the Charleston, South Carolina show will be able to see even more content down south in the fall of 2022 as the network recently announced a new spinoff focused on “Southern Charm” star Leva Bonaparte’s restaurant Republic Garden & Lounge. The show will focus on the ins and outs of the lives of the staff at Republic and began filming earlier this year, Deadline reported.

According to the publication, the show has a working title of “Southern Charm: Leva Land.” A screenshot of an article from Holy City Sinner was shared on Reddit showing the piece’s title, “‘Southern Charm’ Star Leva Bonaparte Began Filming Spin-Off Show This Week at Republic Garden & Lounge,” as well as the show’s working title.

The Redditor who began the thread wrote, “Who asked for this?” and fans took to the replies to criticize the show as well as Bonaparte.

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Many Fans Criticized the Show’s Announcement, With Several Wondering Why Bonaparte Was the Cast Member Who Got the Spinoff

Many “Southern Charm” fans shared their thoughts on the spinoff in response to the Reddit thread, with one person writing, “Leva Land is a terrible title.” Someone else wrote, “For those asking who wanted this: I think it’s Bravo producers. They are looking for the next Vanderpump Rules, since the original VPR has fallen apart.”

One person said while they “didn’t love Leva last season,” they wanted to give the show a try: “I would love to have another show as messy as the first few seasons of VPR.” Another wrote, “If Leva and her restaurants are the vessel of a great show I’m for it. But not for Leva to be the main character.”

A few commenters said they heard rumors in Charleston that the cast members aren’t the actual staff members and are people who auditioned. “And they will have crossovers where Craig shep and crew party there It’s going to be over produced and word on the street is all her waitstaff are actors who auditioned not her staff they she said were like her family.” Another wrote, “People have already came out and said they did casting for the show and didn’t show any of the actual staff that worked there already. It’s going to be so fake.”

Many fans were confused about why Bonaparte was the cast member that received the lead for the spinoff. “Leva sucks. So condescending, unloyal, and a jerk,” one person wrote. “She is always dishing out unwarranted advice that no one asks for. She is smug,” another added. One person said, “This is a joke, right? Leva is my least favorite. She’s one note. Listen to her one time, you’re good.”

One person had issues with the name, stating, “who the hell came up with the name?” Another wrote, “It sounds like one of those Chucky Cheese type kids play zones with ball pits and birthday parties.” One person joked, “If Craig’s Pillow store is featured, than I’ll watch. I wish the pillow store had a show; that’s a train wreck I need to see!” Another said, “I would watch 10+ hours of Katherine doing just about anything, and even follow the antics of Craigy around–hell, give me a Patricia and Whitney Norman Bates-esque spin off.”

One person shared their thoughts about the restaurant, saying, “i live in Charleston and Republic isn’t it. The bouncers think they’re something special, the bathrooms haven’t been cleaned this decade, the bartenders are rude and the music stays at 100 during the middle of the damn day. I really can’t see why it’s the establishment they chose, especially given she owns several.”

The Show Is Expected to Be Similar in Concept to ‘Vanderpump Rules’

According to Deadline, the show will premiere in the fall of 2022 and is produced by Haymaker East, with executive producers Aaron Rothman, Josh Halpert, Bill Langworthy, Leva Bonaparte and Lamar Bonaparte. Jesse Light is a co-executive producer. The publication described the show as:

The series follows the lives of a dynamic social group of friends living in Charleston, S.C., and working together. There’s never a dull day in ‘Leva Land’ with the staff at Republic Garden & Lounge and their powerhouse boss, Leva Bonaparte of Southern Charm. Leva owns four restaurants on the hottest street in town and Republic is the crown jewel of her kingdom.

The article from Holy City Sinner referenced in the Reddit thread stated that the show began filming in early May. It wrote that the show is expected to have a similar concept as the hit Bravo spinoff “Vanderpump Rules.” Bonaparte was a guest star on “Southern Charm” for several seasons and became a full cast member on season 7. She will also be a main cast member in the upcoming 8th season.

“Southern Charm” season 8 premieres on Thursday, June 23 on Bravo.

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