Fans Want Lexi Wilson Fired on Below Deck Mediterranean

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Every season, “Below Deck Mediterranean” consists of drunken nights out, boatmances, firings, and plenty of drama. But this latest season has caused more controversy than most other seasons. Fans everywhere are calling for Second Stewardess Lexi Wilson to be fired from the show.

Beware, there are some slight spoilers ahead, since this week’s episode is already available to stream on Peacock.

The “Below Deck” crew is familiar with things escalating after a night out, but many fans have become appalled with Wilson’s behavior. Wilson has butted heads with most of the crew throughout the season, and things came to ahead after a night out.

After a confusing and dramatic dinner, the crew returned to the boat for a seemingly chill night around the hot tub. That all changed when Wilson screamed at nearly every crew member, including calling Malia White a, “fake b****,” deckhand Lloyd Spencer, a “f****** P****,” Chief Stewardess Katie Flood to, “f*** off,” and more.

Spencer then asked Lexi to shut up, to which Wilson replied by shoving his head between her breasts without his consent. Viewers saw this as the last straw.

Fans Want Wilson Fired

Many fans shared that they were fed up with Wilson’s behavior all season, but this event of her forcing herself on Spencer crossed the line.

“Andy Cohen, Just watched Below Deck Med,” one fan tweeted. “I’m still disturbed from the hot tub scene. Why isn’t anybody talking about the fact that Lexi smashed her boobs into Lloyd face? He immediately got out of the hot tub totally upset. I feel like I just watched an assault!”

Another added, “Ppl aren’t talking about it because it was done to a man by a woman. Society seems to believe that is acceptable because ‘men love that’. It was assault. She also grind up on one of them when he was trying to get away from her & placed a sheet up for cover. He said stop.”

One viewer tweeted, “Just caught up on Below Deck Med and if Lexi isn’t fired or doesn’t quit I literally can not keep watching. Drama can be fun and all but this is just trash.” Another added, “Bravo TV, Completely disgusted on below deck med you allow men to be sexually assaulted! Lexi should be fired and removed now justice for Lloyd!”

Both White & Captain Sandy Yawn Have Addressed the Events

During the night, Captain Sandy Yawn stayed in and was asleep while everything was taking place. Wilson chatted with Yawn the next morning, and Yawn – who didn’t know the entirety of the situation – chose to give her a second change. She held a crew meeting where she apologized, but many of the crew felt that the apology was less than sincere. Flood pulled her aside later, Wilson threatened to quit, Flood told Yawn she should be fired, and Yawn decided to keep her on.

Shortly after the episode aired, Yawn tweeted, “Obviously a tough episode to watch. I see it when you see it. A lot happened that I am not aware of at that time, and a lot more is still to come. #BelowDeckMed.”

White also spoke to Entertainment Tonight about Wilson’s behavior. “It was a lot to take in and watch,” White told ET on August 2. “And I think for me, the next day when she was like, ‘I don’t remember anything,’ I was kind of like, ‘How do you not remember all of it, or at least most of it?’ And yeah, I think it was misrepresented. But if she truly didn’t remember it all, I think I thought if I had had that bad of a night, the next day I would have been mortified and just been like, ‘Guys, I can’t remember, but I’m so sorry.’ And we just never really got that apology, so it was a little shocking.”

She added, “As far as I’m aware, no one has gotten an apology. But I think she is regretting what happened. I think she is looking back on it and being like, ‘My drunken, worst night is aired on TV,’ and trust me, I can relate to that. And I know how she’s probably feeling right now, and it’s not nice.”

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