Does Lexi Wilson Get Fired on Below Deck Med?

NBCUMV Lexi Wilson

Lexi Wilson has had a more challenging season on “Below Deck Mediterranean.”

Beware, there are some slight spoilers ahead, since next week’s episode is already available to stream on Peacock.

Her fate on the show has been up in the air for most of the season. Unfortunately, it looks like her time will soon come to an end on the charter season. Captain Sandy Yawn fires Wilson on next week’s episode, airing Monday, September 20.

Wilson finds herself in another argument with Chef Mathew Shea. During the explosive fight, Wilson tells Shea that his parents should have “aborted” him. Wilson’s once close friend and third stewardess Courtney Veale gets extremely upset over Wilson’s comments and calls her words “disgusting.”

The argument gets brought to Captain Sandy – after she has already received previous complaints about Wilson’s attitude. Captain Sandy ultimately decides to let Wilson go, because she’s too “difficult to live with.” Luckily for the stews, Captain Sandy decided to hire a fourth stew – Delaney Evans – since the deckhand seemed to be functioning better with a bigger team.

Wilson Opened Up About Attending the Reunion

With every dramatic Bravo show comes an even more dramatic end of season reunion. Earlier this year in August, Wilson took to her Instagram Stories to answer a series of fan questions.

One follower asked Wilson if the crew had filmed the reunion and if she participated. Wilson revealed that she did not attend the season six reunion.

“I’m extremely busy with important things in my life!” she wrote, as captured by a fan account. “I wish them a great reunion!” She also shared that the rest of the crew filmed it on August 17, 2021.

Fans Have Called for Wilson’s Firing

For more than a month, fans have taken to social media to encourage Bravo and Captain Sandy to fire Wilson. The “Below Deck” crew is familiar with things escalating after a night out, but many fans have become appalled with Wilson’s behavior. Wilson has butted heads with most of the crew throughout the season, but there was one particular interaction that upset fans.

After a confusing and dramatic dinner, the crew returned to the boat for a seemingly chill night around the hot tub. That all changed when Wilson screamed at nearly every crew member, including calling Malia White a, “fake b****,” deckhand Lloyd Spencer, a “f****** P****,” Chief Stewardess Katie Flood to, “f*** off,” and more.

Spencer then asked Lexi to shut up, to which Wilson replied by shoving his head between her breasts without his consent. Viewers saw this as the last straw.

“Andy Cohen, Just watched Below Deck Med,” one fan tweeted. “I’m still disturbed from the hot tub scene. Why isn’t anybody talking about the fact that Lexi smashed her boobs into Lloyd face? He immediately got out of the hot tub totally upset. I feel like I just watched an assault!”

Another added, “Ppl aren’t talking about it because it was done to a man by a woman. Society seems to believe that is acceptable because ‘men love that’. It was assault. She also grind up on one of them when he was trying to get away from her & placed a sheet up for cover. He said stop.”

One viewer tweeted, “Just caught up on Below Deck Med and if Lexi isn’t fired or doesn’t quit I literally can not keep watching. Drama can be fun and all but this is just trash.” Another added, “Bravo TV, Completely disgusted on below deck med you allow men to be sexually assaulted! Lexi should be fired and removed now justice for Lloyd!”

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Jean Smith
Jean Smith
11 months ago

So glad Lexi was finally Fired! She was lazy and felt entitled right from the start!

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