Lindsay Hubbard and Danielle Olivera’s Fallout Shown in ‘Summer House’

Lindsay Hubbard Danielle Olivera

Bravo What happened between Lindsay Hubbard and Danielle Olivera will be featured on season 7 of "Summer House."

The season 7 premiere of Bravo’s “Summer House” is just over a month away, but a fallout between former friends Lindsay Hubbard and Danielle Olivera seems to be at the heart of the season. Hubbard agreed to Carl Radke’s proposal after nearly a year of dating, and the whirlwind romance seems to have caused a feud between the two “Summer House” friends.

“To get engaged right now would be crazy,” Olivera says to her co-stars about Hubbard and Radke in the trailer. 

Hubbard and Olivera had a sit-down during the season, which was captured by cameras. “Maybe we won’t get engaged when it’s appropriate for you,” Hubbard tells Olivera. “You bashed me the entire summer!” she says in a different scene.

Olivera has her share of one-liners in the trailer, telling Hubbard, “You’re getting so f****** defensive. It’s annoying” and “I don’t talk s*** about you. I say it to your f****** face!”

Hubbard and Radke have starred in “Summer House” since season 1 premiered in 2017. They tried dating during season 4 in 2019 but decided to remain friends, per People. Rumors that they were dating again sparked during Halloween 2021 after they dressed as Frances “Baby” Houseman and Johhny Castle. In January 2022, Hubbard confirmed they were an item, according to People.

Olivera also appeared in season 1 of “Summer House,” but she didn’t become a regular on the series until season 2. Olivera told Us Weekly in September she doesn’t plan on getting serious with her boyfriend, Robert Sieber, and was focusing on her career for now. According to RealityTV Blurb, Olivera and Sieber might have split as of December 2022. Olivera didn’t publicly confirm the breakup.

Fans Didn’t Know About the Feud At First

Viewers first became suspicious that Hubbard and Olivera were feuding after Olivera remained silent on social media following Hubbard’s August engagement.

Olivera played off the fallout at first, saying she was happy for the couple.

“Social media is a strange animal. I think that I was just exhausted from summer,” she told Us Weekly in September. “I’m juggling so many things. I am obviously very, very happy for them.”

Olivera admitted she was taken aback by the engagement. “Looking back, it is surprising in that sense. They just moved into a gorgeous apartment together, so I thought they might just do that for a little bit,” she told Us Weekly. “But everyone is on a different timeframe and it is what it is.”

Hubbard Confirmed Their Fallout at BravoCon

After months of speculation,  Hubbard verified that she and Olivera were on the outs during BravoCon in October.

“It’s just unfortunate,” Hubbard said, according to People. “You’re going to have to watch it. I hate being the person that has to say that.”

“Listen, we have a very complicated friendship at times and we’re in the middle of a complicated situation,” Hubbard added, per People.

The “Summer House” star was hopeful their friendship could be repaired. “Hopefully, it’ll all work out,” she added, as noted by the outlet. “I have a lot of faith and I hope — that when you have a very strong, solid bond and many years of friendship — that all will work out in the end. So we’ll see.”

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