‘Summer House’ Star Reacts to Accusations That She Got Violent With Producer

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Lindsay Hubbard clapped back at accusations that she was reprimanded by Bravo for her behavior.

During the first part of the “Summer House” reunion on May 29, 2023, the Hubb House PR founder was called out by several of her female co-stars and was even accused of getting violent with a producer, but she denied their claims as host Andy Cohen sat silent.

Here’s what you need to know:

Lindsay Hubbard Said She Did Not Throw a Shoe at a Bravo Producer

In a volatile exchange during the “Summer House” season 7 reunion, cast member Paige Desorbo said everyone “knows” that Hubbard is rude. “Even Andy knows you’re rude!” DeSorbo told Hubbard as she pointed at her. “He had to yell at you at BravoCon for the way you speak to his employees! Everyone knows how you act toward people.”

Hubbard denied that Cohen yelled at her at the Bravo fan fest, which took place in New York City in October 2022, but co-star Ciara Miller added, “You got checked! You got checked over how you spoke to someone at BravoCon. The way you speak to people is despicable.”

DeSorbo then added another accusation: “You threw a shoe at a producer!” she said of Hubbard.

Cohen appeared to be uncomfortable throughout the confrontation as he shifted in his seat and then threw his hands up. He did not comment on the accusations about Hubbard and a producer.

On social media, Hubbard replied to a post that asked for the mystery producer to “come forward ASAP.” “There is no shoe. There is no shoe to the producer lol,” Hubbard wrote.

But others wanted to know why Cohen didn’t deny the claim.

“Andy’s face was the receipt 😂,” one viewer wrote.

This Is Not the First Time Lindsay Hubbard Has Been Accused of an Interaction With a Bravo Staffer

“Summer House” fans know that Amanda Batula once said Hubbard is the “rudest” to fans. During an October 2022 episode of “Watch What Happens Live,” Cohen asked guests Batula and DeSorbo which of their cast mates is the rudest, and before they could answer he said, “Lindsay?

Batula nodded and said, “Yes, yeah she can be really, from my experience…”

When Cohen asked her if she saw Hubbard being rude at BravoCon, Batula backed down. “No, she was wonderful at BravoCon. It’s been more, you know, off-guard,” Batula said.

Hubbard wasn’t happy about Batula’s accusations. On the November 11, 2022 episode of Katie Maloney’s “You’re Gonna Love Me” podcast, Hubbard called Batula’s comments about her “an attack” of her character before pointing out that she does way more public appearances than Batula does. “For every hundred times that I walk out of my house, Amanda walks out once,” Hubbard said. “It’s not a fair call of my character to say ‘Lindsay is the rudest to fans.’ I’m in front of my fans a hundred times more than you.’”

Batula’s husband, Kyle Cooke, later hinted that his wife was on point about Hubbard’s behavior. During a ”Watch What Happens Live” appearance in November 2022, Cooke pointed out that Cohen was the one who put Hubbard’s name out there first. “You are the one who brought up Lindsay’s name… you ‘guessed’ pretty quick,” he said in reference to Cohen’s question to his wife a few weeks prior.

Cooke also asked Cohen, “Did any of your staff have any interesting confrontation with Lindsay [at Bravocon]?” Cohen  refused to answer the question and  instead chose to “plead the fifth.”

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