Lindsay Hubbard & Carl Radke Give Major Relationship Update

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Bravo Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard.

Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke will soon take a big step in their relationship.

In January 2022, after months of fan speculation, the “Summer House” stars confirmed they are dating. That same month, Radke also made an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen”  to confirm he is happy in his romantic relationship with his longtime Bravo bestie.

“We’re really happy,” Radke on the Bravo late-night show. “She’s my best friend, she’s got my back, and we respect each other, which I think is huge for a relationship.”

The couple made their debut as a couple on the February 28 episode of WWHL, where they spilled the latest about their relationship.

Carl Radke & Lindsay Hubbard Teased Future Plans to Live Together

“Summer House” fans know that Hubbard and Radke have lived in separate apartments in the same apartment building for a while now, and even as best friends they spent most nights of the week hanging out together.

According to, on “Watch What Happens Live,” Hubbard revealed that the two currently sleep at Radke’s apartment more than her place because he has a king bed and needs more room. She also confirmed that they will eventually combine living space.

“We’ve talked about moving in together,” the Hubb House PR founder said.

“If we could move in [together], we would probably tomorrow,” Radke added. The Loverboy VP of Sales explained that the only reason they haven’t moved in together yet is because they are locked into “leases” and “the “timing of things.”

“You’re the first couple of Bravo,” Cohen quipped. “I mean, tell the landlord.”

Hubbard, 35, is known for her “timelines.” Her “Timeline 4 Life” manifesto included getting engaged by age 35 and being pregnant by age 36. But after breaking up with her ex, Stephen Traversie, in early 2021, the “Summer House” star vowed off putting a time frame on anything.

“I can’t wait to see what the future holds,” she captioned an Instagram post in May 2021. “But I promise, no more timelines.”

With Radke, she’s holding true to her promise. She told Cohen she isn’t putting “any pressure” on her new man “whatsoever” when it comes to getting engaged or starting a family.

“We want those things and we want them with each other, but we don’t talk about things in specifics every day about those future big-ticket items,  but we know we want them with each other,” Hubbard told WWHL. “So I don’t put a lot of pressure on it. I threw the timeline out the door. I mean, listen, I got the man and the rest will happen.”

Lindsay & Carl’s First Try at Dating Didn’t End Well

BravoCarl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard of Summer House.

In 2020, “Summer House” fans were surprised to see in the season 4 trailer that Hubbard and Radke hooked up. In an interview with E! News, Hubbard admitted the two delved into questionable territory.

“We put our friendship in a really risky position this past summer,” she teased. “We decided to cross the line a little bit. So, you’ll go through beyond friends to…I would put it into a romantic category.”

Hubbard was wary about a relationship with Radke due to his past dating history,  and it ultimately ended in an argument and the decision that they should just stay as just friends.

After watching the episodes back, Hubbard told Hollywood Life she didn’t like some of the stuff she saw, but she gave Radke a pass because she knew he wasn’t in a good “headspace” for a relationship at the time.

Radke became sober after the death of his brother Curtis. On “Watch What Happens Live,” Hubbard confirmed she also stopped drinking three months ago.

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