Bravo Star Gives Wedding & Baby Update

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Pixabay A Bravo star is getting married.

A Bravo star is knee-deep in wedding planning.

“Summer House” stars Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke announced their engagement in August 2022 while filming the upcoming 7th season of the Bravo reality show.

In a new interview, Hubbard, 35, gave a “timeline” for her nuptials, as well as an update on when she wants to have kids.

Here’s what you need to know:

Lindsay Hubbard Said She Hopes to Get Married in the Fall of 2023


Radke’s proposal to Hubbard was caught by Bravo’s cameras during “Summer House” filming, and like their co-stars Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula, their wedding may be a fall affair.

According to People, after getting engaged in August 2022, Hubbard and Radke celebrated with a trip to London and Italy. While at BravoCon in October, the two admitted they had not started wedding planning, but Hubbard vowed that after the three-day fanfest wrapped she planned to “hit the ground running.” She also teased a short engagement timeline, adding that “it’s not going to take that long” for her and Radke to tie the knot, unlike co-stars Cooke and Batula, who had a three-year engagement.

In a November 2022 interview with Us Weekly, Hubbard revealed that she is now working with a wedding planner to find a venue for her wedding and that she hopes to have a decision on the venue and the date soon.

The Hubb House PR founder teased that she wants to have a fall 2023 wedding. “So right around a year from now,” she said. “Then after that, you know, hopefully, everything falls into place,” she said.

Hubbard revealed that she wants a short engagement because she hoped to start a family with Radke sooner than later. “I think I’ve always had baby fever,” she revealed. “I think this is also why I would rather get married in 2023 because I’m just, like, ready to start that process.”

The Bravo star also said she wants to have two kids, hopefully before she turns 40. “But listen, I will take whatever I can get,” she added.

Lindsay Hubbard Previously Had a Timeline for Marriage & Babies

Lindsay Hubbard

BravoLindsay Hubbard of Summer House.

“Summer House” fans know that Hubbard once penned a “Timeline 4 Life,” which was her detailed bucket list that included getting engaged by age 35 and being pregnant by age 36. Her handwritten list was shown on “Summer House” when she was dating then-boyfriend Stephen Traversie and it detailed her timeline for engagement, marriage, and babies.

Hubbard told Entertainment Tonight that Traversie saw her list and agreed that it was “a very fair timeline” for their future. Things didn’t work out, and Hubbard declared that she was done with timelines.

“I can’t wait to see what the future holds,” she wrote on Instagram after “Summer House” season 5 ended in 2021. “But I promise, no more timelines.”

Once she started dating Radke, she opened up during an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” to reveal that they were on the same page regarding their future – without a handwritten list.

“We want those things and we want them with each other,” she said of marriage and children. “I don’t put a lot of pressure on it. I threw the timeline out the door. I mean, listen, I got the man and the rest will happen.”

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