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The 8th season of “Summer House” is reported to be filming this summer and a video began circulating on social media on July 23 showing some of the cast members partying together in the kitchen.

The video, set to That Chick Angel’s popular TikTok song “One Margarita,” showed Paige DeSorbo, Amanda Batula, Craig Conover and Lindsay Hubbard dancing and singing along to the song. One segment showed Hubbard and Conover next to each other having fun, prompting fans to react as the “Southern Charm” star and “Summer House” OG have feuded very publicly in the past.

The Twitter account Queens of Bravo posted the clip and captioned it, “Is that Craig & Lindsay dancing together??? All is forgiven, I guess #SummerHouse.”

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Fans Wondered Why the Group Appeared to Be Getting Along After the Contentious Season 7 Reunion

Fans took to the comments on Twitter and Instagram to react to Hubbard and Conover appearing to be on good terms again, especially after the heated season 7 reunion that saw Conover’s girlfriend DeSorbo rip into Hubbard and Carl Radke.

Someone wrote, “They’re always on good terms until reunion time.” Another person said, “Of course it is…they’re filming…Paige will talk s*** in confessionals and do nothing like always until the reunion…” Someone else criticized the group, saying everything will go well during filming and the cast will “act like nothing is wrong” until the reunion when “Paige will have an issue with everything.”

However, not all fans were critical of the group getting along as someone said it “would be nice” to see everything forgiven and have them get along next season. “So many haters! They are having fun and I love to see it!” another wrote.

Lindsay Hubbard & Paige DeSorbo Exchanged Jabs at the Season 7 Reunion

Hubbard has had a very strained relationship with both Conover and DeSorbo over the years, including most recently at the season 7 reunion. At the reunion, DeSorbo called Hubbard and Radke “pretty fake” and said she thinks all of their moves are “premeditated.”

Radke replied by criticizing DeSorbo and her boyfriend, Conover of “Southern Charm” fame. “You date the biggest liar on Bravo, Craig,” Radke told her. At another point in the reunion, DeSorbo accused Hubbard of leaking false stories to the press, including a story about Conover getting kicked out of Kyle Cooke and Batula’s wedding for being too drunk.

The shots fired between DeSorbo and Hubbard at the reunion were just the latest in a series of back-and-forths between the cast members and Conover. In 2022, Conover called Hubbard the “biggest loser in the world” during “Summer House” season 6 during an argument over his developing romance with DeSorbo and his alleged past with Kristin Cavallari.

Hubbard appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” afterward and was asked about Conover’s comments about her. She said she wasn’t too bothered by him and said she doesn’t think he’s a loser. “Do I think he’s other things? Probably. I mean I just think that he is a little bit narcissistic and arrogant,” she shared.

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