Lindsay Hubbard Responds to ‘Winter House’ Star’s Negative Comments About Her Looks

Lindsay Hubbard

Bravo Lindsay Hubbard reacted to a co-star's diss.

Lindsay Hubbard opened up about a recent scene on “Winter House” in which two co-stars dissed her looks.

On the “Winter House” season 2 episode “Friendships on Ice,” Hubbard, 36, and her fiancé, Carl Radke, paid a visit to the cast in Vermont. During their time there, several co-stars noted that newcomer Jessica Stocker looks a lot like Hubbard.

Hubbard even joked that producers brought in “a younger hotter version” of her now that she’s no longer single. But Stocker didn’t take kindly to the comparison. In a confessional, the 25-year-old said she was “a little shocked” to be compared to the “Summer House” OG.

“[Lindsay] looks a lot older than me, so when people are like ‘Oh you remind me of Lindsay’… like she could be my mom or my aunt. Like what do you mean by that?” Stocker said.

Lindsay Hubbard Reacted to Jessica Stocker’s Comment About Her

Stocker has said that she gets a lot of attention due to her good looks and that when she joined “Winter House” she felt that some of the co-stars were acting like high school mean girls and not including her. “I do feel like I walk in the room and I’m not always noticed or complimented,” she said in one episode,  per

But Hubbard thinks being compared to her is the ultimate compliment. In November 2022, the Hubb House PR founder spoke out about Stocker in an interview with Entertainment Tonight and revealed that she thinks the Bravo newbie should feel honored to be compared to her.

“I was like, ‘Dude, this girl said she wanted compliments!'” Hubbard told the outlet. “I think it’s quite a compliment to be compared to me, not even just for my physical appearance. I have a pretty fun personality. She should have taken it as a compliment.”

Hubbard added that she is unbothered by Stocker’s diss because she is confident in herself.

“I don’t really get upset if somebody kind of slams, or disses, my looks or appearance,” she explained. “That doesn’t upset me. I’m like, ‘Oh, OK… good one,’ you know? Like I have a pretty solid self-confidence. So I just don’t care. It just never bothers me.”

Jessica Stocker Said She Didn’t Think Lindsay Hubbard Was ‘That Cute’

On“Winter House,” Stocker was caught complaining about comparisons to Hubbard during a car ride with Craig Conover. After noting that everyone says they look alike, Stocker said of Hubbard, “I didn’t think she was that cute.”

Co-star Craig Conover admitted that when everyone was saying Stocker looked like Hubbard he was surprised because he felt that was a negative comparison. “What do you think I said the entire time?” Conover told Stocker. “The guys kept saying that you look like her, and I was like ’That’s not the nicest thing.’”

On social media, viewers slammed both Stocker and Conover for their mean-spirited comments about Hubbard.

“I’m sorry… Craig and Jessica are saying it’s not a compliment to be called a Lindsay look alike? They must be blind #WinterHouse,” one viewer wrote on Twitter.

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