How Lindsay Hubbard Feels About Paige DeSorbo Dating Craig Conover

Lindsay Hubbard & Paige DeSorbo

Getty Lindsay Hubbard & Paige DeSorbo

“Summer House” star Paige DeSorbo, 29, is currently in a relationship with fellow Bravo personality Craig Conover, 32. The couple filmed the “Summer House” spin-off series, “Winter House” together before dating. DeSorbo and Conover’s “Winter House” co-star Lindsay Hubbard shared her thoughts regarding their relationship. 

During a November 2021 appearance on the “Real Life with Kate Casey” podcast, Hubbard briefly spoke about DeSorbo dating Conover. She shared that she believes the Bravo stars are a good match. 

“I just think they are kind of perfect for each other. You know, I have spent some time with him this summer and I think he’s really happy and a better version of himself when he’s with her and I think he makes her really happy and giddy when they are together and it’s really cute to see,” said the 35-year-old. 

She then referenced that DeSorbo lives in New York and Conover is a resident of Charleston, South Carolina.

“They’re making the long distance thing work and so yeah, I’m happy for them. Like I am a big — I love love. And you know, if they found love, then that makes me really happy. Because I think that everyone deserves it,” asserted the “Summer House” star. 

Lindsay Hubbard Spoke About Carl Radke During the ‘Real Life With Kate Casey’ Interview

During the “Real Life with Kate Casey” podcast interview, Lindsay Hubbard also spoke about her friendship with her “Summer House” co-star Carl Radke. She acknowledged that fans were under the impression that she and Radke may have rekindled their romance after she posted a picture of them from a Halloween event on Instagram. The photo, uploaded on November 1, showed the “Summer House” castmates dressed as the “Dirty Dancing” characters Frances “Baby” Houseman and Johnny Castle.

She asserted that she and Radke have a platonic relationship, but understood why some viewers believe they are dating. 

“Everyone keeps asking this, for good reason. Carl and I have been best friends for years, there’s no surprise there,” said Hubbard. 

The president of Hubb House PR then praised Radke for focusing on his sobriety 

“He’s such an amazing guy. I have loved his sobriety journey because he — it’s like all the good, you know, I think I’ve always seen the good in Carl but it was sometimes masked by the bad that his drinking would bring out and you know, once he eliminated that it’s been all good, all the time. We hang out all the time. You know, we do everything together. We live in the same building, so it’s just super easy for us to hang all the time,” said the Bravo star. 

Carl Radke Is Familiar With ‘Southern Charm’ Stars 

While Carl Radke is not a “Winter House” cast member, he is familiar with Craig Conover and Austen Kroll. During an April 2021 interview with In The Know, the 36-year-old shared that he has spent time with a few “Southern Charm” cast members. He revealed that he “met Shep [Rose] before [he] was ever on ‘Summer House.’”

“We have mutual friends from the Charleston area. I actually met Shep at a bar in New York like a year before I was ever on Bravo,” explained the “Summer House” star. “And I was like, ‘Who the heck is this guy?’ But we became friends after that. But then over the years obviously you get to know the male Bravo guys more than the female sometimes.” 

He also shared that he “hung out with Austen in New York” and has “stayed close” with the “Southern Charm” cast. 

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