Lisa Vanderpump Denies Former ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star’s Claim About Their Relationship

Lisa Vanderpump

Bravo Lisa Vanderpump.

Lisa Vanderpump spoke out about Brittany Cartwright’s recent claim that she stopped talking to her and Jax Taylor.

In December 2020, Cartwright and Taylor announced a joint exit from “Vanderpump Rules,”  and Vanderpump later hinted that the departure wasn’t their idea. In a video interview with Us Weekly, Vanderpump was asked if she was surprised by the duo’s decision to leave the Bravo reality show and she replied, “Was I surprised what they decided? Well, if you put it like that, yeah. I would have been really surprised.”

Since that time, fans haven’t seen the bar star with her former co-stars at all, but there has been buzz that they aren’t on speaking terms.

Lisa Vanderpump Revealed It Was Never About Her ‘Reaching Out’ to Her Former Employees

Vanderpump Rules

BravoVanderpump Rules.

In July 2022, Vanderpump opened up about her relationship with Cartwright and Taylor, who welcomed their son, Cruz, in April 2021. The restaurateur told Us Weekly that she did reach out to the couple last year.

“I’m sure they do [want to stay in touch], but I sent them a beautiful baby gift,” the SUR owner told the outlet. “[It was] hand-embroidered with the baby’s name on it.”

Vanderpump also pointed out that her ex-employees have her number and could contact her if they wanted to, noting, “I’m always there. It was never me reaching out to them really. Apart from when they had the baby, it was never me reaching out.”

Vanderpump added that she has “thousands” of employees that have worked for her over the years and that she can’t maintain close relationships with everybody. ”It doesn’t go on forever,” she noted.

“But through this journey, in this show, of course I have,” she said of her ongoing relationships with some of her workers. “That’s why when they had the baby, even though they were no longer working for me, I reached out with all personalized gifts and everything, because I love them. I do.”

Brittany Cartwright Said it’s ‘Kinda Sad’ That She Doesn’t Hear From LVP

Lisa Vanderpump Brittany Cartwright

BravoLisa Vanderpump and Brittany Cartwright.

During an appearance on the Girls Night With Alexis Waters podcast in June 2021, Cartwright said she hadn’t heard from LVP much since leaving “Vanderpump Rules.”

“I haven’t actually talked to her as much as I thought we would,” the Kentucky native said at the time. “I love Lisa. I’ve looked up to her so much, always have. I’ve always been one of her number one fans. I thought maybe we would keep in touch just a little bit more. “

Nearly a year later, during a May 23, 2022 interview on the “Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef” podcast, Cartwright revealed that she still doesn’t hear from Vanderpump.

“I love Lisa to death and I think she’s amazing,” Cartwright said on the podcast. “I’ve always looked at her so much. We got a present from her when Cruz was about eight weeks old. So she did send like some gifts and stuff.”

Cartwright revealed that she did contact her former boss after she suffered a horseback riding accident earlier this year. In January 2022, Vanderpump was thrown off of her horse and suffered multiple serious injuries, according to Page Six.

“I checked on her whenever she had her accident with the horse and everything,” Cartwright told Yontef. “And she said she missed us and stuff, but we don’t hear from her as much as I thought we would, which is kinda sad.”

Taylor seems to have written off his former boss. During an Instagram Live, the former SUR bartender said Vanderpump “doesn’t reach out.” “I’ve done my part. I’ve reached out,” he said, according to Reality Blurb.

During another Instagram Live in 2021, Taylor revealed that he doesn’t care about having a relationship with Vanderpump anymore. “I don’t talk to Lisa now, I haven’t spoken to her,” he said last year, per Showbiz Cheatsheet. “She’s in her own world, and I don’t really … she’s another one that, eh, I could care less about. She’s in her own world. Nothing mean against her. I just don’t really care either way.”

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