Is it Time for Lisa Vanderpump to Exit ‘Vanderpump Rules?’

Lisa Vanderpump

Getty Lisa Vanderpump.

Fans of “Vanderpump Rules” are speaking out on the dynamic this season – and Lisa Vanderpump’s role on the Bravo reality show.

Following a cast shakeup that resulted in the departures of core cast members Stassi Schroeder,  Kristen Doute, Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright,  the ninth season of the series follows just a few employees of SUR, the West Hollywood restaurant owned by Vanderpump and her husband Ken Todd.

The current cast is comprised of new moms and newcomers that have nothing to do with SUR, so Vanderpump, 61, has been shown hanging out with the cast at their homes and not in the confines of her restaurant.

In one season 9 episode, Vanderpump invited some of the cast members to her house and pulled Katie Maloney aside to grill her about her fertility. In other scenes, she paid a friendly visit to Lala Kent at her home, played ping-pong with Tom Schwartz — and then accompanied him to a tattoo parlor.

Fans Think Lisa Vanderpump is Way Too Involved in Her Younger Castmates’ Lives

Vanderpump Rules Cast

BravoVanderpump Rules Cast.

Viewers have noticed Vanderpump’s change from boss lady to “bestie” this season, and not everyone thinks it makes for good TV. In a Reddit thread, one viewer suggested that Vanderpump has “overstayed her welcome” on the show that once revolved around her restaurant.

“It makes no sense for her to be so involved every episode,” the commenter wrote. “She isn’t as entertaining or endearing as she thinks she is. I would prefer a lot less LVP and more Charli and other newer servers.”

Other fans agreed.

“It’s super weird how she’s still constantly, unnaturally barging in and doling out unsolicited advice,” a Redditor wrote, noting that the original cast members are now in their mid-30s and own million-dollar homes. “If she’s that thirsty for camera time, she needs to go back to RHOBH or do another VPR show that involves a new crop of young waitstaff. Her ‘boss’ dynamic doesn’t work with the OG cast members anymore.”

“Her scenes really take away the authenticity,” another added. “It’s fine if she wants to do scenes of her at TomTom, talking to the guys or staff…but anything else is just weird. “

Another fan wrote that Vanderpump comes off as “so condescending and controlling this season” and that her scenes seem “fake and tired.”

“It comes off out of place and weird that she’s bossy and all involved now that they’re older,” the commenter added.

But others pointed out that without Vanderpump there would be no show and that viewers never would have been introduced to the people that she once employed at her restaurant.

I’m not usually LVP’s biggest fan but geez, she’s the only reason we have these people to gawk at,” the Redditor wrote.

Tom Sandoval Previously Teased That Vanderpump Would be Shown as More of a ‘Friend’ to the Cast in Season 9

Lisa Vanderpump

BravoLisa Vanderpump

There wasn’t much choice but to have Vanderpump take on a different type of role on her show. While a couple of main cast members, such as Raquel Leviss and Charli Burnett, still do work at SUR, most of the cast waited on their last table years ago.

Ahead of the 9th season, veteran cast member Tom Sandoval told Access that Vanderpump would be in more of a “friend” role to the cast this time around.

“Lisa, this time around, is a little more involved not just as a boss, but as a friend,” Sandoval teased in May 2021.  “I mean, I’ve always considered Lisa a friend. But it’s a lot different when I’m bartending for her than if we’re…partners. You’re going to see that difference. And you’re going to like it.”

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