Southern Charm Cast Member Confirms Madison LeCroy’s Ex-MLB Player’s Identity

Madison LeCroy

NBCUMV Madison LeCroy

The Southern Charm drama doesn’t end when the cameras go down. The Southern Charm cast gathered together in late 2020 to catch up on all the drama for the annual reunion. The first part of the reunion aired Thursday, January 28.

During the first part of the reunion, cast member Craig Conover claimed that his costar Madison LeCroy, “flew to Miami to f*** an ex-MLB player.” LeCroy’s two-year ex-boyfriend Austen Kroll agreed saying she FaceTimes the famous athlete, “all the time.” LeCroy denied the allegations and snapped back, “Give me a name! Put me on a lie detector test. I never flew to Miami. Where’s the record of that? That’s fake.” She added, “He contacted me and, yes, we DM’d, but other than that, there was nothing. I’ve never physically seen him, touched him.”

After part one of the reunion aired, rumors circulated that the ex-MLB player in question was none other than former New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez. Fans noticed that he had previously liked one of LeCroy’s Instagram photos. Rodriguez is not yet married, but he and A-Lister Jennifer Lopez have been engaged since March 2019.

Now, her friend and Southern Charm friend Danni Baird is spilling the tea on what LeCroy has shared with her. “Months before that I had heard, like, she had even told me that they were FaceTiming or something,” Baird said on an episode of the Reality Life With Kate Casey podcast on Wednesday, February 3. “I had just assumed. I never asked more about it or anything like that. I just kind of forgot about it. It just didn’t tie in that he was a Major League Baseball player.”

LeCroy Has Not Denied the Rumors

The 30-year-old Charleston hairstylist herself has neither confirmed nor denied that Rodriguez is the man in question. While Conover shared the name of said athlete during the reunion, Bravo chose to bleep out the name for the show.

Host Andy Cohen predicted that Bravo would bleep out the name, so he told the audience during the reunion that the said player is a, “very famous, married ex-MLB player,” according to People.

During the reunion, LeCroy stuck by her statement that they had only messaged. While she hasn’t publicly addressed the rumors, one of her family members have. Entertainment Tonight reporter Brice Sander shared a preview clip of the Southern Charm part one reunion and wrote in the caption, “But WHO IS the MLB player Craig?” to which a follower replied, “A-Rod.”

LeCroy’s sister, Kaci Davis, then fired back, defending her sister. “ARod’s not married!” Davis wrote, as captured by the @CommentsByBravo Instagram fan account.

LeCroy Has Been Linked to Another Famous Athlete

It looks like LeCroy didn’t have any troubles moving on from Kroll. Former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler also had a thing for the Southern Charm star. LeCroy shared her relationship with Cutler on the second part of the Southern Charm reunion.

“He came to Charleston and reached out to me,” she said during the reunion, per a preview clip.

LeCroy then asked Cohen if he’d like to see the messages, to which Cohen eagerly accepts. “So this is the DM,” Cohen says as he reads from LeCroy’s phone. “This is Jay Cutler asking what the top three restaurants in Charleston is. She said, ‘Are you asking this because your ex sent the same DM to my ex?’ So he said, ‘Haha did she? I don’t keep up with her.’ And then she recommends a restaurant.”

Cohen continues reading, “She said, ‘I’ll guess we’ll have to test more out. That’s flirty with a winky emoji! And then she said, ‘When are you coming?’ He said, ‘Tomorrow,’ and then she said, ‘Wanna come out on the boat?’” The preview clip then ends with LeCroy taking her phone back from Cohen.

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