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Madison LeCroy

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“Southern Charm” star Madison LeCroy’s love life has taken a center stage over the last few years. LeCroy first joined “Southern Charm” as Austen Kroll’s girlfriend. LeCroy and Kroll dated for nearly two years both on and off the show, but she announced in early December that the two were officially over.

Fast forward a few months later, LeCroy found herself front and center in having a rumored affair with Alex Rodriguez while he was engaged to Jennifer Lopez. Cast member Craig Conover first shared that the two had been DMing, and LeCroy eventually came out and said it was true, but that they were never “physical.” The power couple called it quits last week, and ever since, LeCroy’s Instagram feed comments has been flooded with questions.

LeCroy posted a sultry photo of herself over the weekend sipping on a cocktail at The Garden Room in Atlanta. It was LeCroy’s first post since A-Rod and JLo’s breakup, so the majority of the comments asked her about the alleged affair.

“Let’s root for each other and watch each other grow,” she captioned the post. In the comments, one user wrote, “Mmmmm Arod on his way girl get bags pack he coming for you,” to which Madison replied, “I have a boyfriend!” The 30-year-old mom of one has not spilled anymore details on the mystery man.

LeCroy Sparked Romance Rumors With Another Southern Charmer

Love is in the air for LeCroy, but it probably isn’t with another “Southern Charm” cast member. Right before LeCroy told the world that she is off the market, rumors circulated that she was dating fellow “Southern Charm” star Whitney Sudler-Smith.

A source told celebrity gossip account @DeuxMoi that they had seen LeCroy kissing Sudler-Smith at a Charleston bar earlier this month. Sudler-Smith’s mom – and LeCroy’s close friend – Patricia Altschul shut down those rumors. She retweeted a story about the rumor and added the caption, “April Fool,” on April 1st. A source also confirmed to Us Weekly that Sudler-Smith is not the new man in LeCroy’s life.

LeCroy Hasn’t Been Shy in Talking About Her Relationship With Kroll

Fans watched “Southern Charm” as LeCroy and Kroll went through multiple ups and downs in their relationship. On the latest season, Kroll and LeCroy started together, but their approaches to quarantine took a toll on their relationship.

“I definitely think that quarantine was either gonna make it or break [our] relationship and unfortunately, we did not come out stronger,” LeCroy told Us Weekly in December. “We weren’t even in quarantine together. We did for a short period of time, and then I think we both realized that maybe there was just too many things that had happened in the past for us to actually play house for 14 days or whatever it was.”

She continued saying, “Austen took his quarantine a little differently than I did—or, a lot different. I had a lot more time on my hands to kind of see what he does in a day versus what I’m trying to do. So, I think we’re just on two different wavelengths.”

Unlike their breakups in the past, this one stuck. A month later, the hairstylist appeared on an episode of “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen” where she dished about where they stood. Cohen asked LeCroy what her last text to Kroll had said and she read, “I hate you.” She then added that his messages to her have been more emotional.

LeCroy continued saying, “I’ve gotten a few emotional quotes off of Instagram. I did call to check on him at one point because he had talked to a fan and said he was miserable and wasn’t okay so I did check on him but that backfired in my face. So, he was wasted.”

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