Madison LeCroy Says Only 1 ‘Southern Charm’ Star Would Have Wanted to Be at Her Wedding

Madison LeCroy

Bravo Madison LeCroy's 'Southern Charm' season 8 cast photo

Madison LeCroy had an intimate wedding in Mexico – and now she’s explaining why.

The 32-year-old “Southern Charm” star exchanged vows with Brett Randle on November 19, 2022, in Riviera Maya, Mexico at the Chablé Maroma Hotel, according to Page Six. Only family members and close friends were guests for the nuptials, and the ceremony was not filmed for the bride’s Bravo reality show.

In a post-wedding interview, LeCroy gave new insight into why she flew far away from Charleston to get married and why none of her “Southern Charm” co-stars needed to save the date.

Madison LeCroy’s Wedding Was ‘Only Attended by the People Who Are Rooting for Us’

On “Southern Charm,” LeCroy had a rocky season with Venita Aspen. She has also butted heads with her ex, Austen Kroll, and his bestie, Craig Conover, as well as Kroll’s former girlfriend, Olivia Flowers.

For her engagement party earlier this year, only one “Southern Charm” co-star, Kathryn Dennis, was in attendance, according to Us Weekly. But even Dennis didn’t make the cut for the destination wedding, which only included invites to the couple’s very closest friends and family.

“We didn’t want to have some elaborate wedding here in Charleston with 300 people. … We only had about 40 people there,” LeCroy told People. “We really just kept it to our nearest and dearest.”

“Other than Patricia [Altschul], I don’t really think that anybody I was that close with at the time I was planning my wedding would really want to be there,” LeCroy added. “We just wanted it super-small and only attended by the people who are rooting for us.”

LeCroy doubled down on not inviting her co-stars while speaking with OK magazine.

“I have zero regrets when it comes to that because you already have this pressure and you’re nervous as is,” she explained. “I couldn’t imagine having other people there that had opinions and maybe not the best intentions. To just have the people there that we wanted meant the world to me. I was very happy I stood my ground on that.”

Madison LeCroy Had Been Upfront About Her Plans Not to Invite Her Co-Stars

Southern Charm Season 8 cast

BravoSouthern Charm Season 8 main cast photo.

In a prior interview, LeCroy told Us Weekly that her “intimate” wedding would not be filmed for “Southern Charm.” “The wedding is going to be super small, so therefore I’m not going to be able to invite the whole cast, unfortunately, but it’s OK,” the salon owner said earlier in 2022.

And while at BravoCon in October 2022, LeCroy noted that fans won’t get to see her wedding unless they follow her on Instagram. At the time, co-star Craig Conover joked that he still hadn’t received his invitation, then Shep Rose suggested that they should “crash” the wedding, per

According to The List, Conover and Rose then joked that Kroll could be the ring bearer for his ex’s wedding.

During an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” a few weeks later, Conover clarified that he would not be crashing LeCroy’s wedding, but that he would have gone if he had been invited to it.

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