‘Below Deck Down Under’ Star Gets Candid About Her Relationship With Alcohol

Margot Sisson and Aesha Scott

NBCUniversal Margot Sisson and Aesha Scott

The second season of “Below Deck Down Under” wrapped on September 18 and stewardess Margot Sisson has gotten candid about the difficulties of filming the show and her progress since it wrapped.

“Being on Below Deck was undoubtedly the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” she began in a social media post dated September 19. “I felt like a complete wreck the entire time. As an introvert with social anxiety who uses alcohol to mask my insecurities, I often question why I ever thought going on the show would have been a good idea.”

“Seeing myself turn to alcohol as a coping mechanism repeatedly throughout the season was really sad and painful to watch,” she continued. “I consistently drank myself into oblivion, using alcohol to blot out earlier experiences, to numb the stress, to numb the exhaustion, and to silence all of my insecurities… Alcohol is highly addictive. It’s not as easy as saying ‘I’m never drinking again’ and effortlessly sticking to it. The environment I was in was not the place for me (or anyone) to get sober. That’s simply not how the brain works, and i think it’s very important to acknowledge that.”

Sisson went on to explain that she went to great lengths after the show to reevaluate her relationship with alcohol and its impact on her behavior. As viewers saw on the show, Sisson was reprimanded by Captain Jason Chambers after she drank on the job during a charter and worked hard to make up for her mistake for the rest of the season.

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Margot Sisson Said She Stopped Drinking for More Than a Year After Filming & Is Now Taking It Day by Day

Sisson explained that when the show wrapped filming, she “got the support I needed” and stopped drinking completely for more than a year. According to So Dramatic!, season 2 of “Below Deck Down Under” was filmed around May 2022.

Sisson wrote that after filming, she focused on doing a lot of things that she previously felt she had to do with alcohol. “It was incredibly challenging, but I learned so much and I am really proud of myself,” she added. She shared that she’s now “taking it one day at a time.”

“I’m not perfect and I recognize there’s much growth ahead of me,” she concluded. “Growth isn’t always a straight path; it’s filled with twists and turns, with setbacks and challenges. To anyone out there facing a similar journey, please remember to be kind to yourself. You’re doing the best you can, and you’re never alone in this.” Sisson received a message of support from her co-star Culver Bradbury in the comments of her post.

Several of Margot Sisson’s Castmates Also Reflected on Their ‘Below Deck’ Season

Several of Sisson’s co-stars also reflected on their “Below Deck” season after the final episode aired, including Chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph, Harry van Vliet and Joao Franco. Chef Tzarina wrote on her Instagram that she had learned a lot of important life lessons and had been working on her next steps that she would be sharing with fans soon. She also wrote that in the year since filming, she “found my voice, reclaimed my health, and rediscovered the fun sexy woman within me.”

As for Van Vliet, he agreed with Sisson’s assessment that “Below Deck” was one of the hardest things he’d done in his life. He said he had no regrets about what happened on the show and made some lifelong friends. Franco also posted a long summary about what he’d been up to since the show wrapped, including that he “distanced myself from people who brought out the worst in me” and “set boundaries.”

He wrote that he’d met a girl, traveled a lot and worked on himself. He concluded, ” I went on and did EXACTLY what I set out to do – no regrets 😊 besides my s***ty hair cut!😂” In another post, he revealed that he’d been dating Domi Tiesi since meeting on Tinder. He said she wasn’t from the yachting world but was now working as a chef and the two had traveled to 33 countries together so far.

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