Melissa Gorga Suggests Co-Stars Changed Behavior to Get ‘Airtime’ in RHONJ Season 14

Melissa Gorga.

Heavy/Getty Melissa Gorga.

“Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Melissa Gorga teased that fans can expect changes in the cast’s dynamic during the show’s upcoming 14th season.

During the November 14 episode of her podcast, “Melissa Gorga on Display,” Gorga mentioned her distaste for Bravo stars who do not have authentic relationships. When her guest “Real Housewives of New York City” star Erin Lichy shared she is disappointed that some of her RHONY castmates have “gravitate[d] towards the [co-star] who is more popular in that episode,” Gorga stated, “It’s so annoying.”

“We definitely have people on [RHONJ] who if they’re starting to feel — especially this season, woof, if they’re starting to feel less than, or like, they are not getting enough airtime of some sort, they’ll just gravitate the complete other way because they’re like, ‘Well, this will get me airtime.’ It’s the most frustrating thing when it comes to ‘Housewives.’ But I think that’s what makes the show go round also,” said the RHONJ personality. 

Gorga also stated that she is unhappy with some comments her RHONJ castmates have made about her in the press.

“You hear things in the press. You’ll hear things on podcasts. This is what I deal with all the time. You think that you guys are friends. Or you are close with someone and then you say something in the press. They do something at BravoCon. They say something on a panel. And you’re like, ‘What?’ It’s really hard,” said the mother of three. 

Melissa Gorga Spoke About Jackie Goldschneider During BravoCon 2023

Margaret Josephs and Gorga discussed their fractured friendships with their castmate Jackie Goldschneider while on stage for a 2023 BravoCon panel. Josephs explained that she took offense when Goldschneider said they did not have as close of a relationship as the fashion designer had originally believed.

Gorga also stated that she “is very confused” by Goldschneider. She said while the lawyer is “extremely nice” to her in person, she makes “little snarky” comments about her in the press. The “On Display” singer also stated that she does not know “how authentic [Goldschneider is] being about her new decisions in life.”

“Everyone needs to remember who their friends are. And who was there for them when they were down. Not just while they are trying to get back up. You don’t kick your friends down, while you are trying to stand back up,” continued Gorga.

Gorga clarified that she still has “love for [Goldschneider].”

During a November 3 appearance on the “Two Ts In A Pod” podcast hosted by Tamra Judge and Teddi Mellencamp, Goldschneider said she “is fine” with Gorga. She noted, however, that she believes Gorga is not pleased that Goldscheider and her estranged sister-in-law, Teresa Giudice, have forged a friendship.

Melissa Gorga Shared Her Thoughts About Teresa Giudice

Giudice cut ties with her brother Joe Gorga and his wife after they opted to not attend her August 2022 wedding following a fight that occurred during the RHONJ season 13 finale. While speaking to Extra TV during the 2023 BravoCon, Melissa Gorga suggested she is not interested in mending her relationship with Giudice.

“That’s done for right now. I think everyone is protecting their peace. As we should. And me, myself, I’ve created some boundaries. And I’m very happy with them,” said the “Love Italian Style” author.

During a November 2023 Us Weekly interview, RHONJ personality Jennifer Fessler mentioned that the Gorgas and Giudice did not film together for season 14.

“It’s hard when there are two cast members who are not even really acknowledging each other. It’s sad and it’s complicated. Unfortunately, it is what it is. So maybe it’s better than the crazy fighting,” said Fessler.

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