Fans Call Out ‘Summer House’ Star Over Season Finale Behavior

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The season 7 finale of “Summer House” aired on May 22 and it saw the cast throwing a big jungle-themed party to end the summer. The episode included not only the apparent end of Danielle Olivera and Lindsay Hubbard’s friendship, which the entire season had been building toward, but also what seemed to be a breakup between Mya Allen and her boyfriend, Oliver Gray.

After the episode aired, however, Allen was ripped by many viewers for trying to hide her discussions and break-up from the cameras. At a few points in the episode, she told people to drop a subject because the cameras were there, or was caught asking if people were wearing microphones. In her final scene with Gray, she went into the bathroom and told him to cover his microphone, though their quiet conversation (and her accusations that he’d cheated on her) were still captured by producers.

“Get off of a reality show if you’re constantly saying ‘don’t talk we’re on camera’ or ‘turn your mic off,'” someone ripped Allen on Reddit. Many others said she shouldn’t be asked back if she wasn’t willing to have her life filmed. “If Mya wont talk because the cameras on there, dont come back next season,” someone said.

Someone commented, “This has to be Mya’s last season. Her trying to hide RL stuff from mics and cameras is bulls***.” In another Reddit thread, someone called Allen’s behavior a “rookie move.” They wrote, “Attempting to pretend that things were fine and avoiding the cameras was such a weird move. And they couldn’t even pretend all that well because she immediately got mad at him for talking to a woman at the party.”

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Mya Allen Told Lindsay Hubbard & Carl Radke in the Reunion Preview That They Were ‘Spinning’ Their Relationship

Some fans appeared even more upset with Allen’s behavior in light of the fact that she’d been commenting a lot on Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard’s relationship. One person wrote, “I found it really unfair that she wanted to keep her relationship issues private while also gossiping about Carl and Lindsay’s relationship. I would feel frustrated if I was showing my relationship on a show and my costar, who brings nothing on their own, wanted to hide their breakup.”

In fact, a few people brought up the preview of the reunion episode of “Summer House,” which showed that Allen accused Hubbard and Radke of trying to put a “spin” on their relationship. “Mya refusing to talk to the cameras or with Oliver [mic’ed] up and then is about to go off on Lindsay and Carl for a ‘curated’ relationship is outrageous,” a commenter stated.

Mya Allen & Oliver Gray Seemed to Break Up in the Finale But Allen Tried to Hide Their Conversation

As viewers saw, the finale episode included a scene in which Allen called out Gray for chatting with some of the women at the party. Later, the two spoke in the bathroom as Allen tried to hide their conversation from the cameras and asked him why he’d cheated and why he was at the party.

The preview for the reunion episode showed Allen telling her co-stars that she’d found out he’d cheated on her with at least 11 women. Allen shared on “Watch What Happens Live” in February 2023 that she and Gray had broken up in September 2022. At the time, she told Andy Cohen that Gray “wasn’t who I thought he was.”

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