Naomie Olindo Reveals Heartbreaking Details of Her Boyfriend’s ‘Betrayal’

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Heartbreak is unfortunately in the air for a beloved “Southern Charm” star. Naomie Olindo has spoken out about her breakup from longtime boyfriend Metul Shah. Breakup rumors circulated Monday, July 12, and Olindo confirmed the split later that night.

“Naomie and Metul are no longer together,” Olindo’s agent Paul Desisto told People. “She is back in Charleston and plans to stay there for the time being.”

Shortly after, Olindo took to her Instagram Story to share some of her story. She posted a tearful selfie wither her cat besides her. “Nothing will be worse than losing my dad,” Olindo wrote as the caption. “But this is a close second. Betrayal is never easy for anyone and I’m just so sorry to anyone else who has stumbled across those terrible messages.”

She added, “I’m absolutely positive I will regret posting this tomorrow but so many of you have reached out saying you’re feeling a similar pain. I’m so so sorry.”

Olindo first appeared on “Southern Charm” as Craig Conover’s girlfriend for three years until the two broke up and she became a full-time cast member during season 6. Shortly after their breakup, Olindo and Shah began dating and made their relationship Instagram official in April 2018.

Olindo and Shah began dating in Charleston, but that recently changed. The couple relocated to New York City less than two weeks ago. Shah announced last October that he would have to move for a fellowship at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York.

Rumors Surfaced That Shah Was Unfaithful

Before Olindo confirmed the split, Bravo fan Instagram accounts shared the split. The fan account @BestOfBravo first tweeted about the breakup writing, “Naomie just moved to NYC for Metul and then he cheats on her? she obviously broke up with him and now she’s back in Charleston #southerncharm.” In the comments, the account said they, “have a source” that spilled about the split.

The account reposted the tweet on their Instagram Story with the caption, “This is 100% true and I have it on GOOD authority #JusticeForNaomie.” She added, “Never liked or trusted his sorry a** after he frowned upon her wanting a cookie or whatever the F that was about. Controlling AF. Craig would never.”

Since then, multiple sources have come forward saying there was truth to the cheating. The Bravo fan account @BravoAndCocktails asked for fans to submit DMs if they had any info on the breakup.

One fan DMed, “I heard she caught him with his ex. Not sure if they were hooking up or just talking and texting a lot…but it was something to do with his ex gf.” Another said something similar, “I have close ties in Charleston it was an emotional affair [with his ex] and it went on for a whole year nothing physical but that’s almost worse.”

Another added, “Apparently he cheated with his ex and she found photos on his phone.” A fan emailed @DeuxMoi, “He cheated with his ex. Unclear how Naomie found out but he and the ex had started talking again for over a year. Sad.”

Olindo Suffered a Heartbreaking Tragedy

Olindo began her Instagram Story noting that, “Nothing will be worse than losing my dad.” The 28-year-old entrepreneur sadly lost her dad, Joel, after a 12-month-long battle with esophageal cancer in December 2019.

“I lost a piece of my heart last Friday,” Olindo shared in a post on Instagram shortly after. “After privately fighting esophageal cancer for 12 excruciating months, my dad lost the only fight he’s ever lost. He died peacefully surrounded by people that loved him more than words can explain. I missed him before he was even gone, and I can’t imagine what this road will be like.”

She continued writing, “If someone you love is fighting this horrible disease, please know my heart is with you and it truly aches for you. There aren’t really words for this pain but I’m very thankful for the kindness and love our friends and family have shown my mom and me during the most difficult time of our life.”

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