Paige DeSorbo Responds to Criticism Over Relationship With Craig Conover

Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover

Getty Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover

Bravo fans saw Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover discuss the state of their relationship in the season 7 finale of “Summer House,” which was filmed in the summer of 2022.

The two have not been on the same page about how they wanted to progress the long-distance relationship, with “Southern Charm” star Conover wanting to move toward living in the same city and getting engaged in the near future while DeSorbo was happy with their current long-distance set-up.

However, their conversation ended with DeSorbo and Conover agreeing to live together when together in their respective cities of New York City and Charleston and spending more time together instead of short visits. Since then, they’ve continued to spend time in the two cities and DeSorbo has defended her decision to stay in New York City and focus on her career and responded to criticism over the pace of their relationship.

“If the roles were reversed and Craig, as a 30-year-old man, said he wanted to focus on his career and wait to get married, everyone would praise him and tell him he has a good head on his shoulders,” DeSorbo shared in an interview with Page Six. “But when it comes to me saying it, people assume things: ‘Oh, you don’t love your boyfriend.’ This could not be further from the truth.”

Some viewers had called out DeSorbo after she and Conover had an argument on “Summer House” as he asked her to join her in the shower but she instead spent time with her girlfriends laughing about how he was waiting on her.

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Paige DeSorbo Spoke About How Her Relationship With Craig Conover Is Now & Said the 2 Are Really Busy With Their Shows

DeSorbo and Conover are also very busy with filming their respective Bravo shows and the press that comes with them when they’re airing. “Last year, I was on TV from September until the middle of the summer,” DeSorbo told Page Six of her appearances on three Bravo shows: “Summer House,” “Southern Charm,” and “Winter House.”

“Craig and I have opposite schedules,” she continued, “So when I’m filming, he’s airing. When I’m airing, he’s filming.” Viewers saw DeSorbo make a handful of appearances on “Southern Charm” in the last season and she hinted that they might see a bit more of her in the upcoming 9th season as she visited him in Charleston more frequently.

“We’re a lot better at dating long distance than we thought we would be,” she added. “It’s a different experience in your 30s than when you’re in college and you have a long-distance boyfriend who goes to a different school.”

Paige DeSorbo & Craig Conover Spoke About Their Relationship on ‘Summer House’ & Conover Shared His Ideal Timeline

Conover appeared in a few episodes of “Summer House” season 7 as he visited his girlfriend in the Hamptons but viewers saw the couple struggle to get on the same page about their future. Conover revealed in a few different conversations that he’d been hoping to propose to DeSorbo by that point, but she said she couldn’t picture moving from New York, where her family lives, to Charleston.

“I want to have kids in the next five years, baby,” Conover told her in the finale. “But that means that we have to get married. In order to get married, we have to get engaged. In order to get engaged, we have to live together.” DeSorbo agreed with Conover that she wanted to have kids in the next five years but she told him she felt like he put pressure on their relationship by having those set milestones.

That’s when the couple decided that the next step would be Conover “moving in” officially with DeSorbo, as the two reassured each other that they were both in it for the long haul.

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