Bravo Couple Ridiculed by Fans Over ‘Delusional’ Comments

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Bravo fans saw Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover’s connect on “Winter House” in early 2021 and their relationship developed over the most recent season of “Summer House.” The Bravolebrities officially became a couple after filming, in October 2021, but the ups and downs of their relationship will also be featured in a third Bravo show, the upcoming 8th season of “Southern Charm.”

Conover and DeSorbo addressed a potential spinoff focusing on their relationship during the red carpet at the 2022 MTV Movie and TV Awards: UNSCRIPTED, People reported exclusively. DeSorbo, 29, said it would be “a lot of pressure” but Conover, 33, responded immediately, “I would do it.” According to the outlet, DeSorbo added, “I think [our own show] would be funnier than both ‘Southern Charm’ and ‘Summer House.'” Conover chimed in, “I think it’d be fun to see us in our off time.”

The People article about the interview is titled “Craig Conover Talks Potential Spin-Off with Paige DeSorbo: ‘I Think it’d Be Fun.'” However, a screenshot of the article began circulating on social media which had a different title, “Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover Think Their Spin-Off Could Top Summer House and Southern Charm.” The subtitle for the article included the sentence, “Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover are not only game for their own spin-off series, they think it might be an improvement on their current shows.”

Fans quickly began slamming DeSorbo and Conover over their comments, prompting DeSorbo to speak out.

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Fans Roasted the Couple & the Idea of a Spinoff Focusing on the 2

A screenshot of the article was shared on Reddit with the title “Paige and Craig are delusional,” and fans quickly roasted the Bravo stars. One person said, “I didn’t like any of their scenes together in summer house, I can’t imagine how they’d carry a show.” Another wrote, “I can’t think of a bravo couple I care less about.” Someone else said, “I don’t even care about them on the shows they’re currently on.”

DeSorbo and Conover were shaded in another comment that said, “Truly, they might be one of the least charismatic reality TV couples the world has ever seen.” Another Redditor agreed, “They don’t have any chemistry together!” Someone else wrote, “The response on this throughout social media seems to be a strong ‘ugh, no thanks’, which makes me happy. I don’t need Craig on another show speaking to women disrespectfully.”

Many fans commented that they couldn’t picture what the series would show about the couple, with one person blasting the pair: “I can’t imagine what this would be like.. Craig going on bender and spiraling while Paige eats and lays in bed? Them just gossiping about everyone? Then taking selfies because they think they are the hottest people ever?” Someone added, “Not sure how their spinoff would be ‘funnier’ considering I can’t think of anything the two of them did last summer besides lay in bed and baby talk each other.”

Someone else said, “What do they do? Sit around silently knitting pillows in tennis skirts and get manicures?” Another replied, “Hey now, they’ll also lay in bed and scroll on their phones.” One person commented, “Lmao, who the f*** would watch these two idiots?”

DeSorbo Responded to Criticism About the Article & Denied Saying Their Spinoff Would Top ‘Southern Charm’ & ‘Summer House’

A screenshot of the article was also shared on the Instagram account Bravo by Betches with the caption, “being on three different Bravo shows and assuming people want to see MORE of you is wild,” prompting DeSorbo to address the article in the comments. “I actually didn’t say that at all,” she wrote.

The 8th season of “Southern Charm” is set to premiere on June 23 and will see DeSorbo featured as her relationship with Conover develops. In their interview with People, DeSorbo said there was “pressure” to having their relationship air on several shows but added, “I feel like it actually keeps us in line because everyone’s gonna see us, including our parents.” Conover agreed:

Everyone is going to see everything. It’s kind of opened up the multiverse of the Bravo MCU. It’s been fun, though, kind of mixing it up because going up to ‘Summer House’ is different than coming to ‘Southern Charm.’ It’s neat after the fact to see kind of the different environment.

The two still split their time between New York City and Charleston but DeSorbo said they’re not thinking too much about the long distance. “When it comes time, we’ll talk about it,” DeSorbo said, with Conover adding, “I think when we have kids one day that’ll be the deciding factor.”

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