‘Summer House’ Star Shares Details on Her Secret First Job

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Heavy/Getty "Summer House" star spoke out.

“Summer House” star Paige DeSorbo opened up about her first job as a tween – and she admitted it was something she kept a secret for a long time.

Speaking on “The Skinny Him and Her Confidential” podcast on December 18, 2023, DeSorbo talked about her childhood and said she “always loved attention and napping.”

The 31-year-old then shared that years before “Summer House,” she worked as a model. “So when I was younger, I was actually a child model,” she said. “I was Limited Too, Easy Bake Oven. When I was like 12, 13, I did like all like teen novel covers. So like, anything on like the reading list that summer, like I was typically on the cover. It was very surreal.”

Paige DeSorbo  Kept Her Modeling Career a Secret

On the podcast, DeSorbo told hosts Lauryn + Michael Bosstic that early on, she kept her modeling work a secret. As a child, the Bravo star, who grew up in Albany, sometimes got picked up at school by her mom for the two-hour ride to New York City for her modeling gigs.

“At that time, I never wanted anyone to know,” DeSorbo said. “So like no one knew I modeled my whole life, probably until I was in like 6th or 7th grade when Limited Too came out because every girl got that [catalog] to their house like before school started. … Limited Too, that was like the Bible when that got delivered to your house.”

DeSorbo revealed she never did sports in school because she was so busy working.  “And that’s how I fell in love with like New York City and knew like, okay, one day I’m going to move to New York City,” she explained. “I thought I was like going to be a model. And then … I’m 5’3″, so that wasn’t happening.”

Hannah Berner Once Poked Fun at Paige DeSorbo’s Modeling Career

DeSorbo’s close friend and “Summer House” co-star Hannah Berner once poked fun at her childhood career. In 2020,  Berner posted a doctored-up Limited Too catalog page that featured DeSorbo with both her and co-star Amanda Batula photoshopped in.

“Paige was a Limited Too model in middle school, so I made Amanda photoshop in our faces to prove that Paige has been in a clique before and I have the sickest accessories,” Berner captioned the photo.

Even back in the early 2000s, DeSorbo pulled off a sequined cami, boa, and matching gauchos as she posed for the now-defunct tween fashion chain.

But fans have also come across some of her other fashion shoots. Several Reddit threads feature photos of DeSorbo posing for teen book covers. Some of the titles are “Zoey Dean’s Almost Famous” and  “The Hollywood Sisters Caught on Tape.” DeSorbo is also seen posing for a Twister Moves game box.

And it all led her to New York, which led her to “Summer House. “I will say I loved like being the center of attention,” DeSorbo said on the “Skinny Confidential” podcast. “Like in my household, l’d be up on the kitchen table singing and dancing and being like ‘Mom record me.'”

“Growing up, I always thought like, Oh, maybe I’ll be like an actress or I’ll be something,” she added. “And then as I got older, I was like, Okay, I’m probably not going to be famous. But I like the camera stuff. So that’s why I went for broadcast journalism. Never in my wildest did I ever want to be on a reality TV show or thought that I would be on a reality TV show at all.”

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