Paige DeSorbo Called Out by Journalist Over Reunion Comments

Paige DeSorbo

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Paige DeSorbo of Bravo‘s “Summer House” was corrected by a People magazine writer after she claimed on Part 1 of the show’s season 7 reunion that a story he’d written about the August 2022 engagement of costar and nemesis Lindsay Hubbard to another costar, Carl Radke, was premeditated.

People’s Dave Quinn, who broke the story about the engagement just hours after it happened in August 2022, tweeted on May 29 that the story was not planted and that he “wrote fast.”

DeSorbo had said on the episode, which aired on May 29, “I know how People magazine works. You have to plan that. It doesn’t work on Sunday morning.”

Quinn’s response came after a fan asked on Twitter about whether there was merit to DeSorbo’s assertion about the immediacy of the story’s publication.

“Not at all,” Quinn tweeted. “A rep from the network called and asked PEOPLE to run a story because Lindsay and Carl were celebrating in a public space, where plenty of people could see them. Bravo worried the news would be leaked, likely by those people or by their costars. So I wrote fast.”

Quinn followed up with another tweet: “Perhaps Paige doesn’t, in fact, know how PEOPLE Magazine works but I’m happy to fill her in anytime she wants.”

Part 2 of “Summer House” reunion is scheduled to air on June 5.

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Paige DeSorbo Accused Lindsay Hubbard of Knowing About Her Engagement in Advance During the Episode as Well

It’s not the first time DeSorbo said she was sure Hubbard knew about the engagement in advance because when the episode aired, viewers saw DeSorbo comment on the dress Hubbard wore for the engagement.

At Hubbard’s engagement party, she was telling her friends and family about being so surprised at the proposal, which took place on a beach near Montauk, Long Island. “She wore shoulder pads to the beach,” DeSorbo said in a confessional interview. “She knew she was getting proposed to. Nobody just shows up in shoulder pads to the ocean.”

DeSorbo said she was only vocalizing what the rest of the cast was thinking, pointing out that Hubbard “curled her hair” and wore a very nice dress to the beach. However, she added, she wasn’t judging Hubbard because she would have done the same.

During the Reunion, Paige DeSorbo Accused Lindsay Hubbard & Carl Radke of ‘Premeditating’ Everything

The clip that prompted the exchange with Quinn was a segment at the reunion in which Cohen asked the cast, “Does anyone feel like Lindsay and Carl are putting on a show for the cameras, do they act differently when the cameras aren’t around?”

Newbies Gabby Prescod and Samantha Feher replied that they felt the two were the same whether on or off camera but DeSorbo said point-blank, “I think they’re pretty fake sometimes.” In addition to using the engagement story with People as an example, DeSorbo added, “Everything they do is premeditated and like, planned… I think they just lie and they spin everything.”

Radke replied to DeSorbo that she was dating Craig Conover, the “biggest liar on Bravo.” DeSorbo told Radke that she loved everything about Conover. DeSorbo then said they were constantly doing press and spinning stories as Radke claimed they were just speaking on their experiences and perspectives.

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