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Paige DeSorbo addressed fan criticism about the seventh season of  “Summer House.”

In a May 2023 interview, the Bravo star admitted to Entertainment Tonight that when she is filming the Hamptons-set reality show, she is never sure what viewers will think when it airs on TV months later. But amid the ongoing in-fighting and addition of multiple newcomer cast members, season seven has been getting extra hate from viewers.

“I have no idea when we’re filming how it’s gonna be perceived when it airs. So, it does make me a little sad when viewers are like, ‘Oh this season’s awful!’ “ DeSorbo admitted.

She also agreed with fans who say the show needs a change of scenery.

Here’s what you need to know:

Paige DeSorbo Would Like to see “Summer House” Set in New York City

"Summer House" season 7 cast

Bravo“Summer House” season 7 cast

For seven seasons, fans have watched the “Summer House” cast make the weekly trek from New York City to their Hamptons vacation house for summertime weekends filled with wild partying. Adding to the issues this season was the fact that there weren’t enough bedrooms for the weekends when all of the cast members showed up, per Behind the Hedges. That meant more of a “camp” style sleeping situation.

But could the party theme be getting old for some of the veteran cast members who are pushing — or are now past — age 40?

DeSorbo told ET that the cast members live completely different lives when they’re in the Big Apple during the week, and she even pitched the idea of an NYC-set spinoff.

“Our lives in the city really are so different, and I wish we showed more of that on ‘Summer House,'”  she admitted. “The other girls [Ciara Miller and Mya Allen) are starting a podcast. Kyle [Cooke] and [Amanda Batula] have so many growing pains with Loverboy. I would love their office– also, they have some of the funniest people working in their office — so I think our lives in New York would be a great television show.”

For season 7, viewers have seen a bit more of the cast’s NYC life with scenes set at Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula’s New York apartment and a housewarming party set at Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard’s pricey pad.

Fans Want to See More “Summer House” Scenes Set in the City

Whether it’s the drawn-out feud between Hubbard and Danielle Oliveria or the addition of “annoying” newcomers such as Samantha Feher and “boring” Chris Leoni, some fans have demanded the show gets recast, per Page Six – or at least a revamp of some sort.

In a Reddit thread, one fan noted that the “Summer House” snippets shot in the city are usually “the best and most authentic part” of the show.

“Personally I want the older cast to have a different show following their life in the city,” another agreed. “I’m over them literally going to the house, doing the bare minimum and leaving. Film them like real housewives or vpr in their everyday lives.”

“A show about New Yorkers in the city during the summer would be way more interesting than ‘hey some stuff happened in the city over the past few weeks that you didn’t see,’” another ”Summer House” viewer wrote.

Up until 2023, the closest fans have gotten to a “Summer House” spinoff is “Winter House,” the Bravo mashup set in a ski city and featuring stars from “Summer House,” “Southern Charm” and “Vanderpump Rules.”

But in May 2023, a Cape Cod-based spinoff, “Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard,” will debut. The new series will star Bravo newcomers Nick Arrington, Jasmine Ellis Cooper, Bria Fleming, Shanice Henderson, Silas Cooper, Amir Lancaster, Jason Lyke, Jordan Emanuel, Preston Mitchum, Summer Marie Thomas, and Alex Tyree, according to Deadline.

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