Fans React to Pat Altschul ‘Shading’ Southern Charm Star

Patricia Altschul

Bravo Patricia Altschul

On September 24, Patricia Altschul took to Instagram to post an update about her dog Peaches.

“Southern Charm’s” grand dame wrote that Peaches and Little Craig, Shep Rose’s dog, had “separated.” As viewers know, the dog wedding between the two pups was a storyline on season 8 of “Southern Charm.” She wrote:

I’m sorry to report that Peaches and Little Craig have separated… surprisingly, it turns out he has a commitment phobia . Please respect their privacy at this time. #southerncharm #pomeranian #peaches #littlecraig #eatdrinkandremarry

Fans had a lot to say in reaction to Altschul’s post, with many assuming that she was shading Rose over his own commitment issues. Here is her post:

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Fans Reacted to the ‘Shade’ From Altschul Aimed at Rose & Taylor Ann Green Also Commented

Altschul’s post picked up a lot of reactions from fans who reacted to the grand dame’s apparent shade toward Rose, Little Craig’s owner. The post also got a reaction from Rose’s ex-girlfriend Taylor Ann Green, who broke up with him in July over his “real issue with monogamy,” according to People. “Sounds familiar,” Green wrote with a thinking emoji and a nervous laughter emoji.

One person commented, “Did she catch lil craig with an active raya profile,” in reference to a storyline involving Rose on this season of “Southern Charm.” Another wrote, “Like father like son. Prayers for sweet Peaches.” Someone else joked, “Shep’s family has no longer avoided divorce!” One person commented, “Apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree Peaches.”

Another commenter said, “Considering his role model, I’m not at all surprised.” Someone else agreed, “Little Craig is his father’s child!” Another wrote, “I blame his upbringing.” Someone else commented, “uh oh word on the street is lil craig was on multiple dating sites.” Yet another wrote in reference to a storyline between Rose and Green this season, “Did Little Craig want Peaches to stop working as well?”

Someone wrote, “I’m loving the Shep shade.” Another agreed, “I just love the subtle dig at Shep.” One person said, “I wonder if she is trying to distance herself from Shep due to his extra shittiness this season.”

Rose & Green Have Been Working Through Some Relationship Struggles on This Season of ‘Southern Charm’

The 8th season of “Southern Charm” has seen Green and Rose grapple with their two-year relationship as Rose was balking at settling down while Green wanted him to commit.

Fans saw a dark side to the relationship during a trip to Auldbrass when Rose got angry with Green over an egg-toss game and called her a “f****** idiot.” When confronted by Green’s friends Naomie Olindo and Olivia Flowers, Rose doubled down: “You’re lucky I said ‘f****** idiot,’ I should’ve said something worse.”

Rose eventually apologized to Green but viewers saw the new Bravo cast member struggling with how to handle his behavior. Later in the season, Austen Kroll confronted Rose over how he was treating his girlfriend and spoke candidly to Green about their relationship. Kroll told Green that his heart was breaking over how Rose was treating her and said the way he spoke to her sometimes was unacceptable.

The 8th season was filmed in the fall of 2021 and Green and Rose announced their breakup in July 2022.

The season 8 finale of “Southern Charm” will air on Bravo on Thursday, September 29, at 9 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times.

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