What We Know About Lindsay Hubbard’s Rumored Hook up With Luke Gulbranson

Psychic Luke Gulbranson Lindsay Hubbard

Instagram Luke Gulbranson, left, and Lindsay Hubbard, right.

Summer House’s Hannah Berner caused a stir this week when she announced that a psychic said her ex-fling and costar Luke Gulbranson hooked up with one of her fellow castmates and close friends.

The Bravo star revealed during this week’s episode, titled “Medium at Large”, that a close psychic reached out randomly to tell her that Gulbranson, 36, had not only cozied up with 34-year-old Lindsay Hubbard in the past, but has plans to do so again in the future.

Berner, a 29-year-old podcast host, had a tumultuous relationship with Gulbranson last season. After several romantic exchanges between the two, the Minnesota native later claimed that he never saw Berner as more than just a friend.

During this week’s episode, Berner divulged to costar Paige DeSorbo, “You know that psychic I sometimes talk to? I swear to God I didn’t ask her anything . . . I got a message on my phone and she said that Lindsay f***** Luke.”

“Shut the f*** up,” DeSorbo responded, adding that she always felt there was an attraction between Gulbranson and Hubbard.

Berner added that, although she no longer trusted Gulbranson following their season four history, she had a hunch at the beginning of season five that she couldn’t trust Hubbard either.

“Luke made it perfectly clear he’s not like a trustworthy guy,” Berner, who is now engaged to comedian Des Bishop, told her friend and Giggly Squad podcast cohost. “But I came into this house this summer not trusting Lindsay. So, she had it out for me.”

While the end of the episode offered no further insight — the trailer for next week features a brief clip showing a strained confrontation between Hubbard and the other women of the house — seemingly surrounding the accusation.

Summer House episodes air every Thursday at 9/8c on Bravo and are also documented on the Bravo app.

Here is what we know about the psychic’s predictions so far:

Gulbranson Addressed the Rumor on Instagram on March 19, Appearing to Poke Fun at the Commentary

On March 19, Gulbranson shared a picture of himself embracing Hubbard on Instagram with the caption:

“The psychic told me Hubbs was coming. Turns out she is here!!!!! #summerhouse @coach.”

The post has currently amassed over 15,000 likes, as well as inspired several comments from his Summer House castmates Kyle Cooke, Amanda Batula and DeSorbo.

Cooke commented, “My psychic texted me this the other day: 💩,” while DeSorbo replied, “Lmaoooo I’m crying.”

The Bravo celebrities’ comments appear to allude that the rumor might be untrue — or that the group has already moved past the dramatic tiff.

Meanwhile, Berner did not acknowledge the situation on social media following the episode’s publication. She also no longer follows Gulbranson on Instagram.

Hubbard Broke up With Summer House Boyfriend Stephen Traversie an Episode Prior to the Gulbranson Accusation

Hubbard, a successful publicist, entered the summer 2020 season in a relationship with boyfriend Stephen Traversie. However, the two did not make it past episode six, in which Hubbard broke up with the marketing director after expressing he did not meet her needs.

Gulbranson was later filmed comforting and consoling the 34-year-old surrounding her break up.

During a confessional, DeSorbo concluded that, in order for the Gulbranson rumor to be true, Hubbard would have had to have cheated on Traversie.

“This means she cheated on Stephen,” she exclaimed in the confessional.

DeSorbo also shared, “I didn’t need a psychic to tell me that Lindsay was attracted to Luke. And vice versa. They look at each other in a different way. I’m like, I don’t look at my friends like that.”

“Their children would be gorgeous,” she continued.

Hubbard Previously Said Gulbranson Gets Into ‘Messy Situations With Girls,’ Including With Herself

While one Summer House trailer insinuates that Hubbard did in fact hook up with Gulbranson, it does not clarify when or where.

Hubbard previously told Style Caster that she has no regrets regarding her relationship and friendship with Gulbranson.

“I absolutely adore Luke,” she told the publication. “He’s a genuinely good guy. I think he tends to get himself into some messy situations with girls and I’m no exception to that.

“You’re going to have to wait and see how that unfolds for yourself. Listen, we all do crazy things. We’re all human. I don’t regret anything, let’s just say that.”

As far as her friendship with Berner, Hubbard admitted that the two only communicate via text now, according to Style Caster.

“Hannah and I have a very complex relationship,” Hubbard shared with the outlet. “It’s very sisterly. There are a lot of similarities between us and there are a lot of differences.”

“A lot of lessons I learned at her age, I’ve already learned, and I’m just waiting for her to catch up. But I do think Hannah means well,” she continued. “I think she does have a good heart. Now, we share a couple of texts and DMs back and forth with each other, but we don’t necessarily pick up the phone and call each other and hang out.”

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