Bravo Star Shares Network Email Requesting a Psych Eval

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Areality star has posted an email she received from Bravo in which the network requested she get a psych evaluation.

On August 2, 2022, “Below Deck” star Chef Rachel Hargrove shared a screenshot of the email that she received as well as a text message sent to her from a doctor. The messages were sent to her about a week after she called another Bravo star a “narcissistic t***.”

It all started when Hargrove shared an article about “Southern Charm’s” Austen Kroll on Twitter and added her own caption. “Cheers to the most narcissistic t*** on @BravoTV,” she wrote. In some follow-up tweets, Hargrove explained why she doesn’t like Kroll — and she called him an “idiot.”

In another tweet, Hargrove made it clear that she has no plans to return to the series — and therefore, she won’t be undergoing any kind of psych evaluation for the network.

Here’s what you need to know:

Hargrove Shared Screenshots on Instagram

Hargrove took to Instagram to share screenshots of messages that she received from Bravo.

“Hi Rachel it’s the doc (Dr Hal) who u spoke with prior to going on the show. Please remember I’m independent and don’t formally work for the network. Just wanted to do a quick check in; please give me a ring when u have a few mins,” a text from a doctor read.

“I’m good doc I just hate the show BS and could give a f*** less about the network. It’s pretty simple,” Hargrove responded.

In an email with the subject “Below Deck — psych eval,” an “SMA Media Coordinator” asked for Hargrove to do a “follow up” with a doctor.

“Below Deck is looking to do a follow up with Dr. Fuentes. Do you have any availability today or this week? Let us know when you get a chance,” the email read.

“Dear BD…. maybe I didn’t make myself clear… once again….ya just don’t know when to F#*$ off do ya? Not today Satan.. not today! But nice try!” Hargrove wrote on the photo.

Hargrove Said She Wants Nothing to Do With ‘Below Deck’

Hargrove was on “Below Deck” seasons 8 and 9 but will not be returning to the program.

“I will no longer be accociated [sic] with organizations I don’t believe in.. #belowdeck #bravoco #wwhl #ANTM anyone else wants to piss me off this week? Let’s f****** go….,” she tweeted.

Hargrove echoed these feelings on Instagram.

“So BD wants me to do a follow-up up Physiological evaluation? I’m pretty sure I made it clear I want nothing to do with them.. #belowdeck #bravo nice try!!!!” she captioned her post on August 2.

Fans seem to be supportive of Hargrove’s decision to leave “Below Deck.”

“You be you!! Once you have reached that level where you truly don’t give a f!&$ what others think, you are free but you become dangerous to people like this. They want us to fit into that “box”! I applaud you and have been a fan of yours from the beginning!!!!” one person commented on Hargrove’s Instagram post.

“But but please find another show so we can see you work your magic in the kitchen. Your my favorite person on the show,” someone else wrote.

“Don’t back down,” a third person said.

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