EXCLUSIVE: What’s Really Going on Between Randall Emmett & the Erika Jayne Lookalike?

Randall Emmett

Getty Images Randall Emmett deleted a photo from his Instagram feed.

A “Vanderpump Rules” star shared a photo of himself sitting next to a blond woman and then promptly deleted the snap from his Instagram feed.

On November 27, 2022, someone was able to grab a screenshot of the post, which was shared by Randall Emmett, and then they uploaded it to Reddit. While it may appear as though Emmett has moved on romantically following his split from fiancee Lala Kent last year, a rep for Emmett told Heavy that Emmett isn’t dating anyone.

The father of three was pictured cozied up with a woman, who was resting her hands on his knee. Although the picture was overtly filled with PDA, some fans seemed to think that Emmett and this unknown woman are an item. However, Emmett’s rep said that his client deleted the pic because of how things may have looked.

“Randall is not dating the woman in the picture; they are just pals. After posting the picture, Randall realized people might get the wrong idea, which they did, so he pulled it down. Simple as that,” the rep told Heavy.

Here’s what you need to know:

Several Fans Thought the Woman in the Photo Looked Like Erika Jayne

At first glance, several people thought that the woman in the photo was Erika Jayne, a star on Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

“For a second, I thought this was Erika Jane lmao,” one person commented on the Reddit thread about Emmett’s photo.

“I’m at home with a fever I thought the same thing and looked and zoomed in to make sure it wasn’t her,” someone else responded.

“She looks like Erika Girardi. In fact, I really thought it was Erika Girardi for a moment there,” a third Redditor wrote.

“Erika Jayne 2.0 and Big Ed,” a fourth joked, comparing Emmett to “Big Ed” Brown from “90 Day Fiance” fame.

Emmett has not gone public with any romantic relationship in more than a year. He and Kent split in October 2021.

Kent Has Moved on Romantically From Emmett but Isn’t Exclusive With Anyone

Lala Kent has put herself back on the market after taking some time to heal from her split. However, the reality star and mother-of-one isn’t in any kind of rush to jump back into a full-fledged relationship. Instead, Kent prefers to have a roster — a few guys that she hangs out with and hooks up with, but doesn’t get too close to.

Kent chatted with Jeff Lewis on the November 10, 2022, episode of his SiriusXM radio show, during which she opened up a bit about her dating life.

“I’m not dating,” she said, making it clear that she’s not ready to be in any kind of serious relationship with someone.

She revealed that she broke things off with two different guys but has brought in another one who she just started “talking” to. Kent told Lewis that she doesn’t have any plans to share the guy on social media or otherwise.

“I’ve learned my lesson,” Kent said.

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