Randall Emmett Using Kids to Put on ‘Good Father’ Act for Lala Kent: Source

Lala Kent Randall Emmett

Getty Lala Kent and Randall Emmett.

Lala Kent initiated her recent split from Randall Emmett, but he’s not ready to throw in the towel on the relationship, according to a new report from Us Weekly.

The former couple, who welcomed their baby girl, in March 2021, ended their engagement amid reports that Randall was seen out with other women during a trip to Nashville in mid-October, Page Six reported.

“Randall did not want to split but it was Lala’s decision,” an insider told Us. “The trust is gone. He’s been trying to win her back. He’s constantly posting about [their newborn daughter] Ocean in hopes of getting Lala’s attention and putting on the ‘I’m a good father’ act.”

The source noted that Lala is “truly focused on her daughter and her projects.”

Another Source Said Randall is Trying to ‘Win’ Lala Back

Lala Kent and Randall Emmett

GettyLala Kent poses with Randall Emmett.

The new report about Randall’s antics comes after another insider told E! News that the 50-year-old filmmaker is trying to do everything he can to try to “win” back Lala’s trust.

The source said Randall is “trying to win [Lala] back over” and is “doing anything to make her happy,” but that the “Give Them Lala” author is “done with him romantically at this point” and is looking for her own place to live.

“Lala is not wanting to work things out with Randall,” the source said. “She’s focused on Ocean, herself, and looking to the future.”

Fans Have Noticed That Randall Has Been Using Social Media to Get Lala’s Attention

Randall has been posting frequently on social media in the week since the split rumors started, and his Instagram posts are mostly of Ocean and his daughters, Rylee and London, whom he shares with his ex-wife, Ambyr Childers.

As reports about his antics in Nashville began to surface last month, Randall went so far as to post a video of his daughter, Rylee, promoting Lala’s book ahead of a book signings she had scheduled at the Grove shopping center in Los Angeles.

He followed that up with a photo Rylee helping baby Ocean use a spoon and a series of photos of just Ocean. In his most recent post, Randall was seen posing with his daughter London on Halloween. Randall has disabled comments on most of his photos, but some previous commenters noted that he was overdoing it with the baby pics, with one commenting that it was “getting ridiculous.”

Lala has scrubbed her Instagram page clean of any photos of Randall—and it’s not the first time. In 2020, she also removed all of her pics of her then-fiancé. She later explained that she did it in a moment of anger.

“I’m petty — so when he pisses me off his photos go to the archive… then I re-add them,” she told fans on Instagram at the time, per People. “I mean, I have this dude’s name tattooed on my arm. He’s stuck with me. It won’t be the last time I archive pictures of Rand when he makes me mad. I’m petty AF. It will happen again and again until I grow out of it. & if it’s the most petty thing I do, I’m okay with it.”

Lala previously described Randall as a ”stand-up man” when talking about the kind of father he is, per Entertainment Tonight.

She recently dropped Randall’s name from her podcast, which had been called “Give Then Lala…With Randall,” per Reality Blurb.

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